Confirming Appointments

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Since this is a sharing site/resource I have a question.
When confirming a signing appointment what are the critical questions you ask?

How is your name printed on your ID?

I like to verify the meeting address and if all parties on the docs are present.

ID copies, if required.

Well the first thing I ask about is confirming the appt, time and location. I let them know that I will need a copy of their IDs and let them be aware that it has to match the paperwork. Then I ask if they have received a copy of the CD/Settlement statement. This let’s me know if they are aware what they have to bring to the table for closing costs if there are any.

I can’t tell you how many times signers are unaware of what their closing costs, that it can’t be a personal check, or that they are not happy with the numbers, so I make sure that they have reviewed it. That’s usually about it.


This is pretty important. Confirming signing location and time. Sometimes the address can be slightly off such as the house number or they might have requested another location.

I usually ask what has been already said along with the Covid questions & give them an idea of how long it will take based on the type of signing.

True story. I called to confirm an appointment with a couple. I got soooooo many questions asked about the loan terms, that I called the title company and told them, if they don’t educate the borrower, I didn’t want to keep the assignment. It was clear that the couple had no idea what they were going to be signing or why. I told the title company, I am not going to be able to explain this to them nor should I. That is the Lender’s job. I got a call back, saying they spoke to the borrowers and answered all their questions and they’re all set to go. That was not true. I got there and the borrowers still had a billion questions. I got the title company and lender on the phone. It still wasn’t enough. The borrowers were calling their family members in another country for help. I thought I was in a twilight zone. I finally said, if you do not feel comfortable signing, we can postpone this appointment. The title company was laughing at me when I told them how exasperated I was and that I was there for almost 2 hours. (they literally said, I got on the short bus that morning) Never again!! You can learn a lot from a confirmation call. I just knew that was going to happen and the title company lied to me and said they were all set. I felt bad for the borrowers, but we got through it. Needless to say, I missed an eye exam appointment afterwards. :weary:

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In normal circumstances, I ask them to have ID, all signers present and please secure any animals that may interfere with the signing. And having signers present, does not mean someone coming downstairs 20 minutes later, half asleep. I’ve been doing this a long time…I have many stories to tell.


Yes! I had a buyer/homeowner who was refinancing and when I called to confirm she asked me how much the check should be for, if it had to be a cashier’s check, and who to make payable to. I kindly informed her that I didn’t have the loan documents yet and someone would be in touch with that information. I contacted the signing agency and let them deal with it.

So in that type of situation I would inform them just like how you did in reference to not having the documents. But I would tell them that the closing costs are paid via a cashier’s checks and that title would know the amount. When I get the documents I will text the signers the closing cost amount to make sure we are on the same page.

Yep, that’s exactly what I did :wink:

All of the above but I also let them know approximately how long it will take because I have had occasion when they have been told it would only take 10 or 15 minutes and they’re angry with me because it takes longer. I also let them know we will need a big table as I have gotten to closings where there was nowhere to sit but the floor.

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OMG, I also have been to do a signing and the borrower doesn’t have a table or the table is full of junk. After the 1st time I encountered the no table situation I went out and purchased a clipboard. Although it’s not as convenient as using a table I was able to get the job down and get the heck outta there. You’re a good one sis cause I’m not sitting on nobody’s floor. :grinning:

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I usually just confirm the date, time, location, and ask if there is a co borrower to make sure they will be there also. Once I get the documents and I see the borrower will owe money I usually call again to make sure they will have a cashier’s check for the correct amount.


I wish we could also request a clean house with no cat smell but I guess that’s a little over the top

:joy: Right! We are so needy!

Yes agreed and a clipboard is a great investment. It’s pretty awkward to sit on the floor crisscross applesauce for a signing.

I’ve also had to sit on the coach next to a mountain of laundry.

  1. id-type/expiration status/exact spelling
  2. covid: usual questions+are you vaccinated, must wear masks & tell them my status
  3. did they get the cd
  4. are they aware of any money due & if so how it must be paid (personal/bankers check or blood)
  5. is there a table available for signing

For Refi loans
In addition to the normal I ask
Has your loan officer answered all your questions?


Great responses thank you