Confirming Appointments

Great answers. In addition, I ask if they are receiving money or owe money. Then I tell them I will need their banking information (if using wire) along with a voided check. I make sure they understand which IDs are acceptable (I’ve waited for 20 minutes while someone looked for another form of ID). I even send them the Patriot Act form via text so they can read the list themselves.

I am in a ‘spousal’ state (NH) so I also ask “are you married?” so I can ensure the spouse is at the signing because even if spouse is not on deed or note they will have papers to sign.

I’m in Md. I ask, “are you the only one on the paperwork?” Just because they are married, does not mean the spouse is on the paperwork. Just because they aren’t married, does not mean no one else is on the paperwork. The signer will know who else is signing. Welcome!!

May I ask - how do they know? YOU have the paperwork…right?

Also - “the signer will know who else is signing” - not necessarily - I’ve had cases here in Florida where husband is on loan, wife must sign certain docs and he had no idea - and objected to her attending or having to sign. Signers do not always know…

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