Unable to confirm appt?

If you’re not able to confirm with signer the time & address, do you still show up at the address & time that’s on the order? It’s scheduled at a bank.

When are you scheduled to go? Most times, the borrower will call you back to confirm, if you leave a message stating the reason for your call… Remember that if your number comes up on their phone and it is unfamiliar, they may be reluctant to pick up. If you try multiple times, with no luck, call whomever gave you the signing and let them know your situation. Hope this helps.

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great, thank you info13!

I let the signing company / the company that hired me know that I have been unable to contact the signers and then ask them how they want me to proceed. If they tell me to go to the signing unconfirmed then I make sure to tell them that a trip / print fee will have to be paid if the signers are not there and set the trip / print fee with them at that time. If they are unwilling to agree to pay a trip / print fee if the signers are not there then I do not proceed with the signing.


Thank you for the advice Kendra!

LOL Dealing with this same issue as we speak. Title asked that I hang around for a half hour as it is a bank closing. Title could not contact them either. I will get the full fee thankfully. Defiantly take Klewis advice and work with whomever to be sure you are paid.

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Thank you info13. So sorry you’re going thru that! I was able to confirm the appt.

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YAY! At least you got it done. Good for you :slight_smile: Anyway, I am outta here. Going to enjoy my weekend. Hope you do the same

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I agree with you, although I require FULL fee if I show up per the hiring firm’s instructions (to go even without confirmation from the borrowers) UNLESS the firm is on my A List of good clients.

My A List firms are ones that have a history with me of paying a fee that matches the scope of work, paying it on-time without any need to contact them, and not requiring faxbacks without a good reason (such as a purchase or sale transaction). They are also (usually) the ones who give me most of my work; the 20% in the 80-20 rule. So, I am willing to give them some leeway because of their status.

Everyone else? Full fee guaranteed or I do not go without a confirmation. It is unreasonable to expect me to go out on spec with no idea if I am making a full fee or a partial fee just because the loan officer did not provide good contact information to the title company or the title company did not provide it to the signing service. My time is too valuable to waste it on printing documents and driving to their home for half or less of the fee. Not to mention the other work I may have passed up because this time is booked.

For more on this topic, please see my article here: https://notarymemphis.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/why-i-call-first/

Thank you for the advice Timothy!

Lol thank you info13, same to you!

Ditto klewis31975. And ‘acceptable’ is generally Full Fee.

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Well put Klewis3 and you hit the nail on the head! Ironic when I said I was going to enjoy my weekend the other day, the signers showed up as I was leaving the bank. Borrowers were in a car accident. They were okay and understandably unable to call me as they were dealing with police and insurance at the time. Glad I stuck around for a little longer that day to give them some relief. Offered them a ride home too but they already arranged one.

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Wow! Info13, that makes you the real MVP!! I know if I was in the borrower shoes, you waiting would’ve helped!

lol thanks at least I was that day. :slight_smile:

Yes you do unless the agent says make verbal contact
If you leave a voicemail you still go