Creative signings

any experience
saying 45-60 days to pay me
client says they pay them within15 day
this was thru SNAPDOCS
i called them saying it was ridiculous to drag any of us 45-60 days

did any of you have a problem
I asked for address they gave me po box
i asked for st address
oh we work from home
I guess I have to see what happens now

Sorry you’re having this experience. :cry:
Absolutely accurate that payment at 45-60 days for services professionally & successfully rendered is unacceptable.

I am currently having a problem with a company through Snap Docs. Three invoices ranging from 47-69 days old.
I have read to copy escrow in these cases. Currently my Snap Docs profile is highly rated. Can this company do anything to harm my rating if I do through with this?

I am so angry, have exchanged messages and phone calls. Sent emails. Shouldn’t have to work so hard for money I have already earned. Two of these I went out of my way and didn’t ask for any extra payment.

@DebbiejNotaryToGo Sorry to read that you’re going through this . . .

There is much insightful information within this thread that you may find helpful in this instance:

Also, you may want to consider sending a Demand Letter (see attached).


I’m unable to address this query, as I’ve chosen NOT to participate in low-ball Signing Orders on that platform. As such, I have no knowledge about whether or not it will induce harm.

Wishing You the Best. :pray::angel:

Totally agree with avoiding lowball companies. I let more pass by than I accept. But still new enough I am taking some.

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