Dealings with N3 Notary

Has anybody had any experience with N3 Notary? I’ve done a few W-9’s for them, both paper and electronic. They only want to pay $20.00 for local, which really isn’t worth my time. Do they do any other kind of notay work besides W-9’s, which actually don’t require a notary. I’ve done a couple of W-9’s that I kept getting an automated email notification that I needed to fill out the “Remote Hire agency form”. When I click the link and try to enter the job id and password I would get an error. These reminders were daily, several times per day for about a month. I tried responding to the email about 5 times telling them that their ID and password wouldn’t work, getting increasingly more and more angry, using all caps, trying to get someone’s attention. When I finally got an email response from the company, they told me that I was doing something wrong and I needed to try again, which I did with the same result. I finally got it through their head that there was something wrong with the login info and they needed to fix it. Has anybody had the same kind of experience?

I have worked with N3 Notary for a while now. I noticed that when I copy and paste the login info, if I by chance happen to have a space in front of the login, it is an error. So, my thought is that you have to be careful when you use copy and paste because, at times, there is a space inadvertently included before the login information. Marty @ Ad litem Services.

I have worked for them in the past but not at present. I did some I-9’s and several assignments where I took court documents to companies and/or doctors to be signed and returned via mail and online. Sometimes the documents didn’t scan properly or whatever the issue. The pay was too low and I stopped working for them.

$20 are you serious?? How could you even consider a low ball like that? That is a NEW LOW. I wouldn’t get out of my chair for $20. W9s? Oh you mean I9s - still way too low.

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I’ve worked for them and they are ok. Yes it does take some time to get a response. And they send your payment like 45 days later. Hard to keep track of. But they are super easy and quick so if I have 15 minutes I may schedule one. Or sometimes they come to my day time job office after work or during lunch. Takes a few minutes. As far as the log in and the Remote Hire. Use copy and paste for sign in and just remember a Remote Hire is typically due within 24 hours of completing the I9s. It’s not big money but it is easy.

Agree with Hodgy03038 no and hell no

I worked with them on and off for about 2-3 yrs, although not recently. I would accept if the location was close to my scheduled notary assignments. When I was busy, this was not problem. But now, I agree- I wouldn’t want to travel for just $20. There was a little wiggle room to increase the fee ($30-$35).

I have had signings with them and have no complaints EXCEPT, they keep asking for a photo! I have lost count of the number of times I have sent a photo. I finally told them the problem is on their side. I have given them all the information required and for some reason they can’t upload the photo.

It’s interesting to note that they continue to send me assignments.

I have done work for them and they always start at $20 or so… I tell them my minim fee is $85, and I get it. That is just my experience. If they say no to my counter, then that is just fine… I don’t go out the door for less than $75.

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