WARNING: N3 Notary - Payment/Fee questions

I’ve been getting a lot of calls/emails lately from N3 Notary. (I live in Austin, Texas, and the real estate market is red hot right now, and so is remote work that generates I-9s)

I’ve seen some past posts on the forums about how they take forever to pay. I was wondering if that is still the case. I’m willing to work for them if they pay even somewhat slowly (their contract says 30 days for payment, but I’m willing to wait up to 90 days) because I’m a new notary and I’m trying to build my client/income base.

My main questions are:

  1. If you’ve worked for N3 Notary within the last 6 months, how quickly did you get paid?
  2. Did you have to call/email them to get payment, and if so, how many times?
  3. How high did you negotiate fees?

In regards to fees, I’m aware that the $20 they initially offer is hilariously low, even for a newbie notary. I’m not leaving my home for less than $35. I have seen some comments on previous threads saying they negotiated fees up to $50-$85…

But even for those higher fees, I’m not willing to work for them if I have to harass them for payment for months on end!

I have been doing work with N3 for a couple of years now. They have always paid me within 2 weeks of the work being done. Normally even faster than that. You dont have to do anything as far as them sending the payment. They send you an email link which takes you to your digital check to print. I do find it difficult to get them to come up from their $20 payment even when the distance travelled is far. I suggest you set your price and stick with it.

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THEY are unprofessional and assume that because ONE notary lied we are all liars. They have u call from the table to verify that the signer is present. I wasted 30 min of my time speaking with a IDIOT. I said screw the 100 bucks and told them to eat dirt. They continued to call me and email 10 to 12 x a day. Had to block them

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N3 doesn’t pay. I have not been able to speak with anybody at N3 about my payment. Their agents will call asking me to do assignments and I have told them I dont work for free and the just hang up. Bad company

I’ve never worked for them…they were bad 15 years ago…never took the chance

I’m chasing them down now about my payments. What a shame!

Do not do business with N3.

They deliberately didn’t issue legitimate for about 8 months. They issued checks but with the wrong company name multiple times so I couldn’t cash them. When I let them know, each time they said that it was Deluxe e-check system that was changing the names on the checks. I called Deluxe and they said that couldn’t possibly happen.

Then when I did some research and found out who to call, the person would immediately put me on hold when I stated my business. When I called back, he pretended, he had no idea of the situation and put me on hold again.

This happened multiple times. I thought about taking them to court. Then I decided to let them know, via voice-mail and all their emails that I’d interacted with, that 8 months was enough of the foolishness and I so don’t take care kindly to being abused that I was up for the drama and would book a flight to their office and then they can tell me to my face they are not going to pay me. I received my check that day and I removed myself from their list.

Don’t do it! They are without compunction unethical.

I am in Texas and just started working with them last month. It took about 2 weeks for my first payment. I don’t accept any assignments for under $30. They usually send me 5-10 at a time and I schedule them back to back on the same day which makes it worth my time for $30/each. If I drive more than 30 minutes I charge them $50-$100. I have one location they like to send me that’s an hour drive and I charge $100.


This is reassuring. I am a new notary based in Wisconsin and just started with them mid-January. They told me their payment process is net 30 via eCheck, which I don’t mind. However, I would love to get paid in two weeks instead. Regarding your rates, seems like I may be lowballing myself. I didn’t know you could negotiate up to $100.00 for that distance. Because the work is so simple (about 5 minutes of data entry as you know), I thought it made sense to charge $40 for an assignment that was 1.5 hours away (I will add that I was already heading in that direction for a personal matter before accepting that assignment anyways, but still)! I won’t be doing that anymore at such a low rate, especially because notaries are rare limited in my area–supply and demand. Thanks so much for this post.

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@deandradewalt You may find this thread of particular assistance regarding establishing your professional Fee Schedule for the services you provide:

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You’re my new notary guardian angel, haha!


We all are @deandradewalt Just doing our best to help others avoid the pitfalls and rabbit holes we experienced and fell into during our maiden voyages . . . LOL

Each of us contributes our time-proven experience & expertise . We are very busy business owners; either working with clients OR marketing/developing our business. So, there are times you’ll not see us because of a FULL business schedule for that day. Yet, other days we may be present due to a lackluster schedule on that day. So, luck of the draw!

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Yeah even when I’m already out that way (usually within 30 minutes) - its still a distance from my house. I love that the appointments only take a few minutes but round trip from my home would be almost 3 hours of my time. So I normally do not go out for one appointment unless it’s somewhereI’m going to already be at. I schedule them in groups maybe 2-3 days a week (I try for only 2). It makes it worth my time and decreases my travel as I pick one location for each city for everyone to come to. I’m in a rural area so I get a lot of orders. Good luck and I will update if I have any future issues.


That makes perfect sense–thank you!

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How did you increase the rate with N3 Notary?