Debt Resolution Assignments

Anyone getting Debt Resolution Appointment texts from Sunshine?

The pay sucks, the location is always far away, and you have to sign as an agent of the debt resolution company. Signing as their agent is an exposure, in my mind. Just saying.

If the pay sucks and the locations are far away then there is no reason why you should expose yourself as an agent of the debt resolution company…is there?

JIf this is how you feel, why are you doing the signings? It sounds like they are not for you. :slight_smile:

That said, I was called by Sunshine but could not do the debt resolution anyway due to being evacuated during the fires. I had heard about their lowball pay and knew of other issues, so I would have turned it down. I told her about being evacuated from the fires, and she wanted to take my information then and there so I could get in the database. She found me at Notary Rotary.

I said, “Hey, why don’t I give you a call back when I am ready to be entered into your database.”

I decided I did not want to be in the Sunshine database and blocked the number so she could not call me again.

I don’t want to do debt resolutions.

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Worked with Sunshine a few times in 2012. Nothing since then as all they ever offer now is Debt Relief.
No idea what fee they offer as the minute I see Debt Relief, I decline. One other caveat: they are a No Sign = No Pay company…zip, nada. No thanks!


I have done many signings for Sunshine and am always happy to receive work from them. Mostly I’ve done debt resolutions, but have also done some application signings (GA is an attorney state so closings here are rare). Sunshine has always paid either early or on time — never late, which is a big plus since there are many companies I can’t say this about. They also always, without exception, respond to emails and answer their phone. Their staff are friendly and helpful. I never sign as an agent or representative, but do strike through and change the word “representative” to “notary,” as I too am not comfortable with any other terminology. While many of these are close to home, I’ve done several far away when we could agree on additional fee for travel. These debt resolutions are short and simple, require no borrower copy, and do not need to be shipped so I can usually complete the entire process in about an hour. Scanning and uploading docs is easy and Can be done in minutes. This company is, as of now, the only one I’ll work for at such a low fee, and I do it because of the volume of work and the ease of everything from start to finish. There are never any unpleasant surprises in their confirmations or instructions (a major pet peeve I have with other companies). They also always pay me full fee if a signing is canceled at the table and a print fee if canceled after printing before I leave my house. It would be great to be paid more, but since I could practically do these in my sleep, I’m happy to take as many of them as I can get. Also, I’ve read the contracts and can see the value these debt resolutions provide to their clients. For me it’s a win/win.


Not worth my time and I’m a Notary Public, NOT a Debt Resolution agent.


National Paralegal & Notary fired me because I kept questioning them regarding a POA in the package and it was in an adjoining state that I wasn’t commissioned. I feared they wanted me to get it signed and they would notarize it themselves. Bad, Bad, Bad. I called another signing company that also used the same debt settlement company and they agreed the POA had to be notarized. Beware!!!

I stay away from debt resolution. They are nothing but scam. When people are down & deep in debt, these companies come offering you a life jacket to stay afloat. But they take money upfront no guarantee with any results, and in Most states it is illegal. So many of these debt companies do not ever engage clients in state. For crying out loud many of these are not even a registered LLC or any kind of non-profit company.

My advice is for no reason to be not so desperate as to make 40 to $60 just to push someone down into a deep hole.

Many of these so-called that negotiations can actually be performed by the individual himself if he knows what exactly to ask for.

The key word is hardship. Most credit card companies have some sort of hardship plan.
They would rather get a few $10 on the hundreds owed, rather than nothing at all.
Spread the word.
Put these scam artists out of business.


I take care of them if their close by, otherwise I refuse. I do strike out the “representative” and write in “notary” with my initials as I’m uncomfortable with the terminology.I know the pay is low, but if its close by its a simple job. No Copies, low page count, small fax backs.


I did one once and asked for more than what they were offering and they paid it. I did not sign as the debt companies representative–so also struck that language. However, the signer tried to change the signing location because they were embarrassed about signing in a public place. I believe these are a problem for notaries–increased liability and risk.

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I have done many debt resolution assignments and I throughly enjoyed them quick straight to the point, ( read the script) very little room for error. Quick scan back NO drops and shred in 5 days. The
pay is decent


My very first job was with Sunshine 5 years ago. It was a debt settlement. Sunshine is through snapdocs now and rarely hear from them anymore. The debt settlements are easy but I would only take them now if it was my town I live in. I will not travel fro 50.00.


I’m new. For the last several days, I’ve received texts from the Title Source app alerting me to a potential signing in my area. When I click on it, it says $25.00 e-docs for Quicken. Does this sound like debt settlement? The location address is always a public place, like a pancake house. I haven’t accepted any of them.

$25! Are they crazy??? If Title Source does debt settlement, it’s news to me. Sorry, can’t get over anyone offering $25 w/edocs for ANYTHING. Oh, wait… you said Quicken and $25 is just for the edocs, I think. Fee should come in at minimum of $100 for a Quicken loan w/edocs. More for extra travel.


Thank you for responding to my post. I’m not sure what the texts are for. I’m afraid to click on the link. Maybe next time I get one, I’ll be brave enough to check it out.

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Wow I was just fired from them today. I also relayed my concerns and well the contact person was snappy. I was feeling like crap but I’m better off. If it doesn’t feel right chances are it’s not.


I did many debt resolutions for Sunshine Signing Connection and really enjoyed working with them, until they adopted a new policy of insisting the notary call in from the table and go over the docs over the phone with them to be sure all signatures were obtained. I refused to do this, and therefore have done no further work for them. Like I told them, I may not be perfect, but I’m better than that! Particularly in light of the number of debt resolutions I have already done for them . . .

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I have done a couple of Debt Resolutions for Sunshine, just so you know, they no longer request calls from the signing table. I am not sure $50 is enough for all the questions clients ask, and the long presentation.


Having just done a debt resolution signing, I agree. They are a complete scam which is part of the reason for the notary to do read from a script and do a presentation. It’s the debt resolution company’s way of doing some CYA. I felt horrible for the signer and dirty for being involved. These companies need to be put out of business. They’re nothing more than loan sharks.


Out of curiosity, what do you do for a debt resolution? I see sunshine have a lot of requests that are less than 15 minutes from me but I’m not available for the times requested.