Debt Resolution Assignments

You have to print roughly 55 pages which include the actual debt resolution payment terms, the script that you have to read verbatim, the presentation that reenforces what the script says and instructions and checklists from both the signing company and the debt resolution company, all of which you take to the signing. Then, after the signing you have to scanback in one file within 2 - 4 hours after the signing and how they make sure you do so inside that timeframe is you have to notify them when the signing is complete.

The pay should be higher but I don’t care because I am never doing another one.


Oh wow! Thanks for the heads-up



Thank you for the heads up notart_narayan

Yea they are screwing you. Never ever accept anything for $25. After printing your time and travel you are basically volunteering while they are definitely making money. total BS

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Hi, Mira.
The $25.00 was for edocs. I was brand new and didn’t understand the notification.

I have one tomorrow. Never done. Will see how it goes. Good thread BTW

I agree Sunshine, Debt Resolution Presentations are not easy money and I don’t do them for $50.00 for Sunshine Signings are anyone else. The Fax backs alone are worth an aditional $25.00. I usually get my fee request and if not Oh Well! The next agent can have it.

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