Sunshine Signing Co

Anyone ever had trouble with this company?

Excellent company to work with, staff is great and they pay on time.


They just don’t pay much!!!

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Does anyone anymore? Sunshine is a mid level fee in my experiences with them - and they will negotiate. They do pay on time, and the support is good without being annoying. It’s nice to be treated as a reliable professional.


The pay on time, but not very much.

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They pay very little…not even worth the time…to print, drive to a client, come back, scan, etc…it’s a joke.

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Sunshine is Great Company. Friendly knowledgeable people on the phones. I do Debt Deals for them usually 1 or 2 a month. They always pay timely. The only negative is too many emails like a lot of snapdocs user companies.

Got a call from Sunshine to submit to a phone interview. Anyone else have that experience?

You are right, and they’re getting worse.

No. I’ve found them to be a good company. As others have mentioned, the pay tends to be a little low. But, they will negotiate to some extent. The jobs are fairly simple and don’t require a lot of printing like mortgage loans. Most of what they do, maybe all, is debt resolution presentations. At least in my experience with them. The jobs take about 30 minutes and usually require only one copy to be printed. About 50 pages or a little less. They pay timely but use a service called Deluxe eChecks for payments.

This is my major gripe with them as I am very busy and don’t like having to go through the extra steps of retrieving and printing a check just to get paid. Please, just send me a check in the mail or send it via direct deposit.

I did last week. I sent my info to them the next day, but haven’t heard anything back. I will probably touch base with the guy I spoke with to see what the status is

Wondering if you’ve been working with Raymond. My recent email to him was returned as undeliverable.

No, I spoke to Tim. I will follow up with him in the next day or so.

I went to a signing and the client backed out. I asked about some sort of cancellation fee for my time and no one will get back to me. Do they not pay for cancellations, if not I will not accept anymore assignments from them. I spend 30 minutes with a girl and did not sign

I have had several signings through Sunshine Signing, and have never had a problem with them. They are very professional, always courteous, and they have always paid on time.

just contacted them and they will pay the full fee.

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They pay very little and ask for you to do a lot for the fee.

It’s important to call them before leaving a no sign appointment. If you don’t you probably won’t get paid. I’ve had more than one that did not sign. But, I got paid anyway because I called from the signing table.

I had an experience with them in which the signer refused the deal offered him in the debt resolution. After I left some one called me to complain that I left without calling them. I had driven an hour into the rural countryside of WI, had no internet connection. They would not pay anything. I don’t work with them anymore. I get the same debt resolutions in the area just through a different company

How much did u ask for driving and mileage?