Sunshine Signing Connection

Has anyone worked with this company? They are very professional over the phone and the pay is reasonable.

I love working with them. They pay using echecks every Friday within 30days of signing. sometimes less. Very professional.

Sunshine Signing Connection is an excellent company to work with. I have been conducting signings for them for approximately 13 months and their docs arrive on time; they pay less than 30 days after the signing; friendly and helpful every time, and they will be around for quite awhile if sound business practices are an indicator.

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This company has alot of mixed reviews on NotRot:

6/21/2016 Contacting ESCROW will help you! Call The Escrow Company if they don’t Pay You!! CA Contact Author
6/7/2016 not as assigned, removed from signing when called on it. Full package fax back MI Contact Author
6/6/2016 asked about when docs will be ready, They removed me. The BR upset NJ Contact Author
5/29/2016 Seemed ok to work with but have yet to pay me after 20 days, so we’ll see PA Contact Author
5/23/2016 My favorite company. Wish they had more work for me. AK
5/13/2016 Dramatic drop in fees w/incr in services expected; low ball, pay w/i 30 days. OK Contact Author
5/4/2016 Always Professional and Kind! LOVE the echecks! FL Contact Author
4/16/2016 Great people, reasonable fees, timely payment - joy!!! MD Contact Author
4/12/2016 Disorganized, badly managed FL
4/5/2016 Easy to work with - did a few jobs so far, reasonable fee and pays in 30 days… NJ Contact Author
3/30/2016 Payment within 30 days. Negotiated fee to my requirements. Smooth transaction. LA Contact Author
3/14/2016 LOW BALL FEES. NOT VERY NICE, FL Contact Author
3/11/2016 Great communication and paid my required fee. HI
3/2/2016 They were good, now went to Crap Docs. Pay is lower now. I’m avoiding KY Contact Author
2/22/2016 Lots of demands,shitty fees,Really 4 stars?Suckers work for them.Z CA
2/17/2016 $50 for structured settlement 50 mi ea way w fax backs. Get Real! AZ Contact Author
2/10/2016 Immediately docs were sent, described the needed signing and return needs AZ Contact Author
1/17/2016 Agreed to fee of $110, sent me a check for $75! NC Contact Author
1/8/2016 Will work for them anytime…docs on time, paid within 30days CA Contact Author

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I have worked with Sunshine Signing Connection for over two years. They are wonderful. Pay well and always on time. I love them and wish all signing companies were like them. No Complaints.


I am not willing to give them all the personal information they ask for. Here is part of an email they sent to me:
For us to be able to start using your services we will need for you to go on line to our website and create a
profile and then email or fax us the following items (DO NOT MAIL) email to or fax to 206-350-6933:

  1. Photo copy of your driver license
  2. Photo copy of your social security card (for tax purposes unless you have a tax ID number)
  3. Photo copy of your notary commission
  4. Completed W-9 form
  5. Proof of errors and omissions insurance and notary bond
  6. A signed copy of SSC Independent Contractor’s Agreement
  7. A signed copy of SSC Identity Theft Prevention Program Training Acknowledgement (Return Signature page)
  8. Background check
  9. Three business references that we can contact

One of the best companies out there. The y send you an e-check as soon as payment is due and sometimes before payment is due.


I’m glad to hear that Sunshine Signing is good to work with.

Other companies are asking for that same information, it’s kind of scary giving out all of the info.

Have you use BBS Signing Services?

I just finished a closing for them… Pay is reasonable. I have not gotten paid yet.

Yes, I love them the pay is decent and they pay on time via echeck 30 days

They are one of the best. Steady work and payment on time.

They are AMAZING! I love working for this company! They are so nice and do pay well.

Yes, I love working with them. They have very detailed instructions and are always available to answer questions.

I fired Sunshine Signing. They promised full pmt for going back (docs were wrong). Lots of promises and then denied they made the promise, even though I had name, date and time documented. My fault I didn’t insist on the promise in writing at the moment it was made. I like to work with companies that keep their word.


I think that they are using SnapDocs as their platform now.

I did just a couple of signings for them (they recruited me to sign up with them) all was well until the last one went south and they got mad at me for how it turned, out…I charged for a print & trip fee the owner called me and was so RUDE I was disappointed. …

Could you let us know why you are hesitant to give Sunshine the info requested (you listed above)? Just wondering how to get work (and with who) where all of that information is not requested.
Thank You for the information. :blush:

They don’t need a signing agents drivers license. They may need a social if the sa does not have an EIN (I have an EIN). There is no way one can be sure how they will store personal information. Giving others a social and drivers license makes one vulnerable to identity theft. There are plenty of companies that do not ask for those two items. On the issue of Contractor Agreements, to sign an agreement saying ‘to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend’ means you compensate, release the company from any legal claims, and pay for any attorney and other legals fees if a claim should arise and they can show you made an error. I have seen policy’s for $100,000 E & O, but not higher. I guess if you buy a bigger policy, you could sign these agreements. See for further opinions