Signing solutions

i am currently a preferred notary for a company called signing solutions. They are professional as well as efficient. The staff is a pleasure to work with and has always been helpful whenever needed. I would highly recommend this company for any notary needs.


I agree. They are efficient and thorough. I enjoy working with them. The entire staff is a pleasure to work with.


I would agree. They are efficient and professional and pay timely


I also agree. Have worked with them and found they are helpful, professional and pay in a timely manner…

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I’m glad somebody thinks highly of Signing Solutions. I did a job for them in July. It is now September. I haven’t seen my compensation yet.
Does anybody have any contact information on this company?


Do you know if they cover Florida?

I did a job for Signing Solutions in October. It will be January in 2 days. The most recent response was that they issued a check January 16th (which is still to long to pay) and I never received the check. This has never happened to me since 2005 when I started. I have always received my checks. I’m waiting to see what next and if I ever receive my payment. I’d be weary of accepting signings from them

I don’t know if I have worked for this company in the past or not, but the lender I am currently refi ing with uses them so I was trying to check them out (and hoping to gain more work in the process) but their website doesn’t seem to work and also is not secure. Do you know if they use either snapdocs or

I have a similar situation except they claim the sent it out. TWICE!! then they said they could venmo me for the two signings minus $50 for stop payment, $25 on each check. Never experienced that from any other signing service. Id go elsewhere.

I was assigned to a signing by this company (Signing Solutions Group). Docs came in last minute, still accommodated it. Borrower completed 50% of signing and then stop and refused to proceed due to a problem with some documents. They paid a measly $25 as trip fee - that also after reminding them more than 2 months after the signing date. I wish companies would value Notaries more for the time and effort. I am sure they made a fat margin from this signing. Not sure if I would every do a job for them again.

That is terrible. A good company will pay you the full fee for that particular situation.

Send them a note outlining your time and expenses in detail and respectfully request reimbursement. But, before you do, it’s best to check your agreement with them to see how they pay when things like you described occurs. Maybe you ‘agreed’ to the trip fee of $25.