Debt Signings - Professional Signing Services - Client called the police

On the advise of the PSS agent I went to the client’s home w/o confirmation directly from client. No one answered the door or answered my calls so I stayed in the driveway until 10:00 thinking he may have run an errand. I waited 15 minutes that’s when the police pulled up asking why I was there and that’s when the client finally called to say he told his lawyer that he would not sign and I had no business being at his home. Previously PSS told me the signing was confirmed with his attorney. Someone was not telling the truth.
When I reported the incident to Professional Signing Services they had no explanation why I was given the wrong info but instead they told me I would only get $25. I argued for the agreed upon rate but they would not budge. One more signing company crossed off my list.

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Yes, I’m sure SS “had no explanation.” Were they expecting you to convince signer to sign??
FULL fee definitely warranted/deserved. Never a dull moment . . . and never a good idea to not confirm directly with signer.

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I’ve been told if you must personally confirm appointment with client before you print the package or you will not be paid anything. I never print my package until I reach and confirm the time and the signing location with them. To many times when I call the borrowers and they say no I can’t do the closing at 3, I need to close at 6:30pm, or I’m here instead of where I’ve been told the closing is at. Because of this I have to tell them I can’t do it at their time and call my company back to find someone else.


When you work for professional settlements company never agree to the fee that they offer you they will always pay $50.00 or more depends on the distance,then tell them that you want half of what ever paid to you if you drive the distance and the client cancelled,make sure that is on the confrimation.

I was told to do a signing for them not close to me and told I would get a trip fee and when it did not sign they only gave me 25 dollars and not my trip fee told me I would not get it because it did not close.

I will not do these “Debt Signings” anymore. First they ask you to misrepresent yourself as if you work for the attorneys office. You have to read out loud a couple of scripted pages, then when the client asks questions you don’t have answers. And honestly, most of the places I got sent were sketchy at best. Not my cup of tea…I will stick to mortgage.


Bizarre. And I thought I’d seen it all.

Wow, that is not good. I won’t print until I have to. too man changes after printing 300 pages for the lender and the signer. I expect a travel fee. $25.00 does not cover your time let alone travel let alone other closings you could have taken.


Completely agree… I had Convenient Closers LLC- They have a tendency to not want to pay you… So Candice hired me for a job then she usually have you drive over 30mins to signing and ask you not to confirm. So I get to her signing, the guy claims I woke him up this morning so he doesn’t want to open the door for me to do the signing. While there, I called her to let her know that their client doesn’t want to open. The literally opened the door and waved at me. Then after I leave she sends me a message the client is mad because I called him to confirm. I was stunned that I drove 45mins. I sent her the bill she claimed it was cancelled. Not my problem! I came at the requested time and I printed 2 copies of your document. She refused to pay. The funny thing is a client sent me a file and I took it and it was the same person from Convenient Closers- I had to call them and refuse the signing because of that. She’s very cheap to pay and assumes the same price for all signings sent to you regardless of location. Too shady to do business with! Her clients are always on the fence to close.


Thank you for this post! Very informative!

Thank you I appreciate your info on Convenient Closers, I was just notified by Candice. With her presentation of what she asked me to do and the late hour she wanted me to do it, I had to decline.

I have accepted 5 Debt Settlements and 3 of them didn’t want to sign after I made the trips. The clients are not informed regarding terms and implications. We are required to read a script that gives the impression we agree or work for the attorney’s office. We are Notaries hired to witness a signature. The company should read this script to the client themselves and make sure the clients know what they are signing. It also takes as long as a refinance and they offer half the fee. Also, why don’t they email a copy of the documents to the client before I arrive. I wont be taking these assignments anymore. And they are in sketchy areas with people under financial stress


Debt Signings are not recommended here in Minnesota . Minnesota Statutes prohibit Notaries from acting as an agent for these types of services.
Too much drama .

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What are those Debt Signings? I get them a lot but then I decline them because the fee is too low, but I’ve never seen one.


I am so glad I read your response about “Debt Settlements”. I am not going to provide this service anymore, Lowball fees and often last minute notice. Sketchy places and often people depressed about their financial situation.

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I used to do debt signing for Notary Go when I came across a attorney who said not to do this kind of signing as you are not licensed it was friendly advice to me I have stopped doing that kind of signing any more

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I have accepted debt resolutions in the past but I now hold the fee to be $60-$80 (Not $30>00) per signing. The usual amount of time is about 30 minutes and I make sure that the client has a fair understanding about what they are signing. Also, the alternate solution is usually bankruptcy.
I used to feel sorry for the clients but when the usual fee for the attorney and “adjustment” fee is about 17-20% versus the credit card fees of up to 30%, I can see why someone might pick this route to settlement.
I do agree that many of the customers should be better educated by the settlement companies in advance but most have had at least more information than they admit to.
I hope this helps.

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What about conscience. Pushing people in debt into greater debt.
Many are outright cons and deceptive

DEBT SERVICES !! NOTARIES. Many of the out of state “so called debt settlements” are con jobs. Loaded with HIGH Service fees, that client has to pay, before any effect occurs.

Be a good member of your local community. DO NOT PUSH a client into more debt than he already has for just a $50 or $100. God will NOT forgive you. I will not also.

There are MANY instate debt resolution, NON PROFIT agencies.
These OUT OF STATE , buy data of bad defaulters from data brokers of the credit reporting agencies and creating avenues to get rich out of a POOR man already.

End of story ! There is NO BENEFIt from a out of state, for profit agency with HIGH load of fees. Even if it is 17 to 20%.

It should rather be a fixed flat and low fee for some paper back/forth to negotiate debt with your credit card. In most cases, you can call the credit card company and ask for hardship plans. They have VARIOUS options, U just has to ask the Card company representative " Can You Please Help ME" ?