"Deluxe eChecks"

Does anyone else have experience with this form of payment? The options are either to have the check direct deposited for a $4.99 service charge (as though fees aren’t already low enough) or to print the check. I’ve printed two and my bank has rejected them on mobile deposit so now I have to go to the lobby tomorrow which is an extra and seemingly unnecessary step. I’m not even sure if they’ll deposit the check there. I see some old threads on this topic, so I’m hoping there have been improvements since 2018.

I never pay the fees and always print my checks. I never had a problem on my black and white printer remote depositing. Maybe check your settings (black and white vs grayscale) or print from a color printer. On a side note, cut/zoom into the check along the boarders including the numbers in the “white” space below the check. You just want the check, not all the extra paper around it. Make sure its endorsed on the back. Additionally, if you do find yourself going to the lobby, bring the entire print out (don’t cut). They will take it, or “should” take it that is. Hope this helps!

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(CA) My bank accepts a photo of the Deluxe check, front and back. Couldn’t be simpler or faster. I haven’t gone to the bank (yeech) to make a deposit in months and months. Check out this process.

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Just get you some check stock paper from amazon and print and scan. I had that issue also until I printed it on check paper.

This happens to me when I print a check from my phone (but not when I print from my PC).

I trim about a quarter inch off the bottom of the check, endorse it with the e-deposit phrase my bank wants, then submit it. Never fails.