Did not take signing under $120 for 6 months

1st I did read her post. 2nd I didn’t blast her only showed her flawed numbers. 3rd I’ve been at this way longer than 5 weeks. So before you try to blast me get your facts in order.


@splendidsignatures You’ve chosen your REPLY inaccurately. The calculations aren’t from my work. It’s a re-post from a post by notarybe in August of 2021. You may want to re-read it Thomas. It appears you overlooked the Quotation Marks [" "] for the post excerpt.

FYI: As noted above, the post & the calculations are by notarybe. Also, the source thread was posted above as well for direct reference.


“New to the industry”. " Took my first signing March1st"

Your profile…your words

March 1st 2021.That’s over a year not 5 weeks. So what is your point? Thats right you don’t actually have a point. You just want to argue. Not having it. Have a nice day.

I’ve noticed over the years that people aren’t calculating their costs properly on paper and toner. I’ve must’ve corrected those posts at least 20 times. Paper and toner comes out to roughly $3 for 2 -150 page packets. :laughing: math is hard for some.

My calculations per printing package is $10.50 (300pgs)

I should also mention that a lot of packages included title logos, shading etc… which uses more toner.

Steves11- I agree with you. I have also decided to stay true to my value and not accept refi/purchase/seller closings under $120. We must value our craft and time.


Never did I get an offer for over $125-150 for any signing here in NY - Long Island. If I counter for travel or larger package - they tell me they need approval and never call back so I have been reading these posts on fees for 10 years and I have tried and do not take low ball fees but the companies wont budge.

I’m not taking anything under $90 for a refi and only if fairly close to me. It’s not worth the Gas and Time. There are a lot of starving notaries who grab what they can. Instead, I am focusing my time and attention on direct business – building relationships with attorneys, escrows, etc. Little by little I’m receiving some nice orders


Hi there,
I feel you and the same here, hopefully just a tough month or so, then everything will get back to normal. However, I think the market is over saturated with new SAs which will definitely lower the offers’ number and pay.


A case of paper on sale at Office Depot is a great deal at $40 plus tax (10 reams of 500 sheets). Gas at 4.50 is a good estimate, but average mpg is 18 ( I wish 25!) and again it depends on the packet/lender letter/legal and some lenders use very little legal size papers while others use quite a bit and as you know legal costs $10/one ream as a good deal. :slight_smile: The one thing I think we all agree on is yes our expenses are going up, but our fees continued to be low balled from $40-85 while signing companies who simply send a text message get per above example a ridiculous amount. Still doesn’t make sense.

With the gas prices now I send them my quote and if they don’t like it then don’t use me. I am also retired and use the notary work as my main job. But, it’s not worth moving my car at what they want to pay us.


I had a request the other day for $25….I was like… that barely covered my gas

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Yep. That’s what I said for 6 months. But, I have so much equipment and supplies. With me writing off all of my expense, even at $75, I am still making $40-$45 – i think. I know these documents inside and out – I can generally get through my signings super-fast. I have 2 choices. take the lower offer or do barely nothing for 6 months.

I won’t do a lower offer. I live in the middle of no where and need to travel to do 99.99% of my signings. I would rather take a loss on my business than to move my vehicle for what they are offering.

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Just curious to see what state you’re in. In my area, we’d never get those high fees, ever.
And right now, they’re offering $75 for a refi here.

My calculations are the same as splendidsignatures. However if you’re trying to justify price increases with clients, the over exagerrated may help :grin:

I do signings with direct title companies and many online as well. Ranges for purchase from $150 to refies at $125 and some hybrids at $75. Some of the $75 hybrids are no more than 50 pages and I keep them within a 20 mile radius. Print, travel, signing and drop ship all completed in 1 hour or less. Easy $70 per hour.





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Hold your fees. My min fee is 125.00 + 25.00 for a fax back. Over 150 pages is + 25.00 for every 50 pages extra. I take NOTHING LESS and only from known good payers. I have other income streams so its not difficult for me to say this. Another notary I know in the area does work for realtors as an administrative assistant. Realtors have plenty of paper work and you do not need to be licensed to do it. I pay assistants to do my paperwork and help out at open houses however they cannot talk real estate with the clients. With the number of home business out there today it is quite easy to repurpose yourself and make a good living especially with all the equipment you have. I have been doing this for 20+ years will not lower my prices and have 3 solid businesses all with 1099 employees. I do this because I love it and my customers keep on calling because of the quality of my work. I will never let them nickel and dime me but I am glad to correct the mistakes of other notaries of 1 page for $125.00.