Do people use their iphone for scanbacks to snapdocs or do they have a personal scanner

Wondering how people are handling scanbacks. and uploading them to snapdocs

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I have a portable scanner.


@Virginiarogers43- I use my IPhone to scan an ID and upload into snapdocs. However, for multiple page documents, I use a regular scanner.
@marcia3641 - what type of portable scanner do you use? I am trying to find one that is reasonably priced and works well.


I also use a scanner - Brother ADS-2200


I have a scanner at home but was press for time today so I went to Staples. Huge mistake! I paid over $20 for 35 pages. Never again. I need a portable scanner.

YIKESSSS!!! :open_mouth:

I have the Epson WorkForce ES-300W Wireless Portable Scanner. Should have invested in this years ago.


I have a scanner on my laser multifunction printer and (for fax backs) and I have a HP 7000s3 scanner. I use my phone to scan ID’s and additional docs.

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I just got a Doxie pro SE wireless portable scanner. Going to try that out after some “practice” to get a workflow right when scanning huge packages.

I have an Epson ES400 wireless scanner. Love it!!

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I recently bought a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 and I love it!
At first I bought the Epson Workforce es-500w but exchanged it for the Fujitsu because it didn’t bring any instruction on how to maneuver the scanner :roll_eyes: and for the cost ($400) it wasn’t worthy.

I use my phone for smaller scans but i have a Brothers ADS-1700W portable scanner. When i started, i didnt have this. Now that I do, it was a life changer. In my trunk of my car there is a cigarette lighter thingy where i plug in a converter. The converter has 4 usb plugs and two regular plugs. The one i bought converts to enough voltage to power my scanner. I also use it to charge my laptop. I have this outlets in the front seats and the back seats of my car that i can plug my converter into, but i find it useful that i can plug it into my trunk and sit comfortably (I have a Mazda CX-5). This converter would not power a printer. The Brother ADS-1700W has the continuous scanning function, this allows me to scan a full package quickly.

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I still don’t buy a portable scanner because my clients don’t demand scanbaks, very rare, except to upload picture IDs, and that I can do it with my phone. It’s still needed, the scanner, you’ll never know when they request the whole package or part of it.

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I have the ES200, it’s all that was available. I love it. So fast.

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Which one? is it high volume? How many pages are a typical scan back?

Is anyone charging additional for scan backs?

No, I never charge extra for additional documents or scanbacks, because they may pay me more if I ask, but then may never call me again for work. I have a wireless mobile scanner (Epson ES-300w) and laptop (Microsoft Surface Laptop Go) to scanback documents from the signer’s table or from my car. Drop docs and head home. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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Do it scan legal and letter without issues?

Yes, the Epson ES-300W will scan both legal and letter sized pages and borrower’s ID’s also.