Do you leave your business card at a signing? Bryan Smith is my go to guy, great prices and services.

I have purchased lovely writing instruments (aka “pens”) from a special house I found online. EVERYBODY remarks that my writing instruments are exceptional and that they write beautifully. I rarely go without a nice comment about them. I suggest that you take some time when things are slow and do the research necessary to find writing instruments that suit you and your clients. Try to find broad-tip refills, too. People seem to really like them; mine do anyway.
Incidentally, my “pens” cost $90 each and I am always sure to collect them when the signing has concluded. The signers always want to keep them and the signing boards I use, as well. Nope.
These items make me memorable and I get lots of nice, repeat business as a consequence.
By the way, I have “special” business cards as well and people always remark how professional they are. I introduce myself while handing over my business card and I often leave a second one at the conclusion of my visit.

Would you mind sharing where you purchase your signing boards?

Go on line and check out placemats that are made of sturdy material. Avoid dopey scenes and flowers and stuff like that. Dark, solid colors work best and make a nice background to lay driver’s licenses on when you photograph them.

My boards are exclusive and expensive but I get compliments all the time on them as do I with my writing instruments. Forgive me for not giving away the ‘secrets’ that make me memorable among my competitors.

Is that a state specific law? just curious

No. SPSWG are the guidelines written and adopted by the NNA for notary professionals. But, they are guidelines, not codes or laws. They work for me because I lean toward the conservative. So I never leave my business card when I’m on assignment. Again, unless asked for it. However for general notary work I always give a business card. Primarily because my receipt for services is on the back.

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I always hand the signer my business card because it has my Google my business QR code on the back. I ask them to scan the code and leave me a review. I also have business cards that has my business website QR code on the back
and those are the ones I give out to everyone else.

We get they are expensive. But where do you buy them from specifically?

I can’t give away my exclusive sources for my signing boards (I like staying ahead of my competition), but you can go online and find what you are looking for with a little effort. Same with the writing instruments.

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this is such a great idea, love it!

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We are not in the same area… so no competition… :smirk:

Yeah, but I have many local competitors who read this forum regularly. I can’t give ammunition to my adversaries.

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:rofl: :joy:

I get it i wont take it personally

Please don’t take it personally. I’ve worked hard to gain an ‘edge’ and I don’t want to give it up. Now, if I could only grab those assignment offers quicker. I’ve done everything I can think of to speed up my receipt/response to signing orders and it seems I’m somehow, too slow. I move at light speed and still miss more than I get. Aarrgghhh. :grimacing:

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@Bobby4913 => I concur completely. Some are too new/inexperienced to yet fully discern the burn of competition . . . and the small world in this business sector.

Being judicious in what is ‘shared’ with other business owners is sagacious. :owl: After all, can’t get that genie back in the bottle. LOL

That’s my understanding as well.

Agreed–I tend to err on the side of caution.

Not one person do I not leave a business card… I always let them know I’m 100% independent and I even let them know small things their personal bank would accommodate them for free typically but if they need anything more extensive and/ or want to refer me, also if needed past normal business hours give me a call, I’d be happy to help… it’s paid off numerous times with marriage licenses, divorce papers, auto refinances etc… just always remember if in doubt ask questions, scan everything you do and keep it in a folder in your drive! Seek advice! I’ve made a call a few times to my mentors, Notary Stars ( they have been my guiding light from the start and I still jump into zoom classes! Remember if your not a licensed attorney you cannot “prepare” the paperwork… I build strong repores with all my local ups stores, FedEx print shops etc as they are limited to what they can notarize and referrals have came from there too! The beauty of your business is Mobile and flexibility in time, you decide that) stay safe of course!!
Best Regards
Jody P

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100% correct! As long you state you are independent from a “client paid” transaction, but offer “mobile notary services” on your own, there is no reason not to leave a card, whether solicited or not. The key, under no circumstances can the borrower/signer be left under the impression you are there working under your own business when hired by a client to be there.

I found my signing boards… and all my signers love it. I have used it multiple times and I must thank you for the idea.