Do you Scan many packages at the table?

I HAVE to get a scanner.

Do you do a lot of scanning at the signing/closing table?

If so, or when you do, do you have any trouble/issues with plugging the scanner into an outlet at the client’s home?

OR would you rather use a USB to charge directly from the computer.

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Personally, I would never scan from the table.

I have a 110 adapter for my car - I can plug my portable scanner into the adapter. If I can’t get back to my office in time, I link my laptop to my scanner, scan docs to file, then upload the scans to the given location.

For scans less than 10 pages, I use Camscanner on my phone.


Clients 99% of the time want and will be happy to let you do all you need to make their business go thru smoothly so yes I ask at the beginning do you mind if I set my scanner up now to be ready to scan all the docs after we are complete and after I complete a final 3rd check to make sure I don’t miss anything? I’ve never had anyone say no I don’t have the extra 10 mins honestly. I used to think when I was new it was intruding but learned they are ready to make you lunch then to have errors or missed finding due to you leaving and then something happens where scans are late…

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I’m also wanting to know
out of all the closings you did last year
How many lenders/clients REQUIRED that you scan to them at the signing table / before you leave.

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Every since I purchased Epson 300W scanner, I have been scanning at the table all the time, especially ID’s. Scanning at the table allows your client to see how quick, efficient and effectively you are in making sure their documents or being sent and seen by their mortgage lender immediately.
If you do not have a mobile scanner, go and purchase you an Epson 300W. This scanner is a beast. Its hotspot, Wi-Fi and Adapter ready. You can drive your car and be scanning documents all at the same time, from the front seat.

No packets that I received from an agency required that I scan at the signing table.

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I scan at the table with no problem using the customer outlet. I have Raven scanner with no issues

No, do at Fedex or UPS or Home. Don’t waste the customer time. Just sign and go.

I have never had to scan at the table.

If there is a table with room for me to put my laptop and scanner and room for the pages, then I ask if it is okay if I can there. If there isn’t enough room, then I do it in the car down the road in a parking lot. So far the signers have been very helpful. I have a portable DC unit to plug my scanner into if its more than 10 pages, that way I dont have to worry about finding an outlet in their home. I use an Epson ES200 scanner.

UPS and FEDEX stores will charge you $1 or more “per page” to scan.

Would appreciate your telling me the specific equipment you use.

Do you plug anything into a / your car lighter?

If so, how do you have enough power using that source?

Isn’t it true that many signing companies discourage or prohibit your using a third party to complete a scan for them.
Would scanning at FedEx violate that rule?

It absolutely would !!! Maybe what they meant was bring your scanner there and plug it in scan, then ship

My adapter plugs into my USB port. The car powers it just fine.

I use a Brother 1000 scanner. Couple years old now, but still works great.

None. Not even the applications. In my experience, the borrowers want to be done. I take the time to check that I have all required information and verify all signatures before I go (and explain to the borrowers that is why I am still sitting at their table), but then I am out of there.

One thing: I do not use my phone to take photos of ID or support documentation. I use a Magic Wand scanner which saves photos onto a mini card. I believe this is more secure, and certainly less of a liability. The software to download from the Magic Wand is on my phone.


Ok I keep forgetting that we are talking about a scanner.

Easier to run a scanner in your car then a printer.

15yrs 10k+ loan signings never been asked or required to scan from table. I bill an extra fee for scans especially if they want them shipped same day. I will occasionally use my Adobe scan app for general notary work, but that’s for 5pgs or less. What companies are requesting you scan from the table?

Yes absolutely, you should never use public wifi or Internet or devices to send, scan or receive personal private data.

Notaries should never use public internet or devices, you’re responsible for the customers personal private data. Doing so violates most of not all agreements and goes against financial privacy laws.