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Hi Everyone,

Question? It’s my first signing with LC. The instructions said print 2 copies (1 for the borrower). I printed 2 copies, but it looks like I got 3 sets of the same docs in just 1 print job. Since I printed 2 jobs I have 6 sets. 6 TD, 6 notes, 6 URLA, 6 CD,etc. Does anyone know if this is correct? Or are they including signing copy, borrower’s copy, and extra for some reason within the 1 job? There I only needed to print 1 job. If anyone knows why this is, or if it’s even correct, I’d appreciate your help and expertise. Thank you!!!


Thank you for your response it is much appreciated.

For example, since I have the 6 sets of docs, I would leave one with the borrower and sign and notarize the other 5? Am I understanding that correctly?

In all honesty…I think if you have five sets signed this will not reflect well on you.
And I most definitely would not get five sets signed and mail that back to them unless they instruct you to do so. Obviously something went wrong…unless this is a reverse mortgage…so I’d contact LC and let them know what happened … a glitch in the scan or printing or whatever. Tell them you were told to print two sets, you did and now you have six copies of everything…do they really want five copies signed??? Laugh a bit with them. Make it sound like you know better but you’re just confirming your instructions.

Remember though…if a refi you need to leave one copy of the loan package and TWO copies of the NORTC for EACH party in interest.

Hope this helps and good luck


Hi, LindaH-FL!

I agree 5 notarized TD’s does not look well.

It is a refi. And yes, I do have the NORTC for both borrowers. Giving them a call was my last resort because, since it’s my first time with them and still learning the ropes, I didn’t want to give that away so easily :joy:. However, I will and like you said laugh it off a bit :+1:. Thank you!!!

Concur with Linda’s insight.

I would reach out to the hiring party and float a trial balloon of: “Normally, in packages there is only one Note, one Mortgage, one Closing Disclosure, etc., but when I was reviewing the package (prior to printing) it appeared there are multiple duplicates of the documents within this set. So, I wanted to call & ask if you have a moment to take a look at the package to verify it prior to printing it please.”

Usually, their ‘off-the-cuff’ remark will be to the effect of: “Yes, when I looked at it before I sent it, the package was just fine.”

So, I’ll say something like: “Well, it would be very helpful if you could take a quick look just to confirm before printing, I’d truly appreciate it!”

At that point, they’ll take a peek and say something like: “Oh no . . . you’re right. This is messed up. Give me just a minute to fix this and I’ll re-upload it for you. Let me call you right back, okay?”



Thank you for the tip, I really appreciate all advice.

I’ll let you all know, what the outcome is. It’s pretty certain it is a mistake. You have all helped me feel confident with my first thought.
However, when one is new, you (or atleast I) seem to doubt yourself until you build a greater confidence and that’s a rather normal feeling when you start something new. It’s people like you all and a place like this that helps a great deal. Thank you for the responses!!!


I deleted my initial response, after reading everyone else’s it looks like I gave some bad advice! I’m sorry. So I have had a few lenders that had duplicate sets of many of the docs but not the note or deed of course- so for instance 3 sets of the same disclosure etc… so in those cases we just signed all sets to be returned. When I did call to verify with title they said sign everything, always best to call/email to ask for clarification


I had the same experience with a different signing service.
I felt dyslexic… so because it was a rush-situation, I called; and had someone give me permission to shred all duplicates. Then I communicated electronically that I had permish to shred extra copies.

One copy for signing, sending to lender/title company.
One copy to leave with signer(s).
You know your stuff… believe in your training. Trust it.



No worries! Since we’re at the end of the paper trail, it’s a little scarier. Better safe than sorry :+1:



Thanks for the feedback and the encouragement. Much appreciated.

Thank You, Sheila, for coming back to view (& respond to) Replies.

I’m looking forward to your update after contacting the Title/Escrow Company/hiring party. :sparkles::hibiscus::sunglasses:

5 sets? The only instance I know of to sign more than one Trust Deed is in reverse mortgages and on occasion modifications. There is NO instance I am aware of that you would ever sign more than 1 note - that could lead to securities fraud. There should never be more than 1 signed Original Note. The note is like a giant check. If you wrote 2 checks to the same person they could cash both checks right? Why would you ever have 2 copies of an original check signed unless you meant to pay them twice. I have had lenders in the past attempt to have me sign 2 on a refi, the answer is a resounding NO. If someone out there knows something different please do tell. If the closing was a modification some lenders send over all 3 copies in 1 file - 2 to be signed (there is no note in a modification only an agreement to modify the original agreement) and 1 to be left blank with the borrower. The borrower should never have an original signed document package - they may get a copy of the signed version later from Lender/Title. In a modification I believe 1 of the copies signed is sent to the Feds - as is the case with reverse mortgages. It is a lot of paperwork but you will get a handle on it in due time. We all made mistakes and still do from time to time so don’t be too hard on yourself. If you can find a seasoned closer in your area to befriend it would be helpful for you.


They may of combined the to be signed copies with the borrowers copies??
Could be a reverse mort. (being new, you should be getting those yet)
Could be a 1st & 2nd, If so, ask for more $$$

Good luck

Never worry about calling a company with a question. They would rather have you call than to try and figure it out on your own.

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Of course! Thank you! I love this forum. There is so much to learn. I used to work at a title company as a title assistant many years ago. Then stayed home to be with my kids. My kids are now 25,23 & 16. So I decided to get back out and do something for myself and keep me busy! I am familiar with most documents because I was also one of those that checked docs before sending to county. But, since it’s been so long 20 years. I need to build my confidence back, especially with the signing companies, procedures, notarizations, changes, things of that sort. I’m just happy I have some basic knowledge that’s a bit rusty :joy:. For now :crossed_fingers:t2:


I’ll tell you the truth… I’m in GA & really needing encouragement right now.
I think I’m going BACK into ‘job hunt,’ mode… because my ‘seed’ money for LSA work is running out. This isn’t working. Sad part is, my overhead is sooooo low, this should’ve been easy.

But the ASSIGNMETS are NOT there.
Attorneys in GA slap you down, because they’re all notaries too (even when I make the MOST money when they screw things up).
I’ve signed up for at least 150 SS agencies… and sometimes I DO get BIG hits.
I also get lowball offers.
But combined, it’s not enough to keep the lights on.
Meantime, a guy down the street, verified by Snapdocs AFTER me says he’s doing really, really well. Good for him; and I’m not being snarky, I mean it.

For me… the money’s not there.
I’m nice, polite, college educated, friendly… and so what?


Thank you for your response!

I did think that so many copies was a bit fishy. And especially the Deed of Trust & Note, that would definitely be a problem! I would love to find someone near me that I can learn from, like you mentioned. I’ll have to look around.
Thanks again!


Initially, that’s what I thought. That they included both copies in one pdf. But why 3 and why did instructions say print 2 copies?
The lender uploaded copies 3 times!
I’ll explain on post below.

Oh no, not ready for reverse mortgage. It will be sometime before I consider taking one of those.

Nevertheless, thank you!


I called them, the signing service. The lady that answered the phone, was not friendly in the beginning.
I’ll explain below.
Thank you for the advice, and fir taking the time to help us newbies :blush:.

From what I understand Georgia is an Attorney Closing State*, meaning only attorneys are allowed to close a Real Estate transaction. It’s unfortunate you may not have known this prior to starting your business.

  • I may be mistaken so anyone with more accurate knowledge is welcome to enlighten us.