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My sister works with a will and trust document preparing service (I’m not sure the Offical title) it is a great service.However they are retiring from the business.How do I get in touch with other possible persons doing this service to market to them. Any ideas Does any one have any idea what the Offical title of this service is . Thank you

This is huge in NY. Basically, people would hire such companies because they were much cheaper than attorneys. They would file the paperwork on their own (Pro Se). These companies pretty much drafted the paperwork, and the signer just fills in the blanks, checks the boxes and signs, then go and file it on their own. It was huge with bankruptcy and POA filings. The tricky part (in NY anyway) was the company drafting the paperwork could not notarize it. But that’s something the court clerk can do when they go to file.
To answer your question, I would just add another service under your current GNW/NSA advertising venues.

  1. Make sure you can in fact conduct this kind of business first, as some states do require attorneys/paralegals only to do such.
  2. If your state does allow you to do this type of work, verify whether or not you are permitted to notarize the same legal docs you are drafting.
    Hope this helps!

Thank you ! Do you know what the official title is to this kind.

In California, we are called Legal Document Assistants. We have to have a paralegal certificate (or experience and an attorney has to write a letter stating to the experience), be registered with the County and have a bond and insurance.

I can notarize any document that I do not profit from ie, I cannot notarize a document for the sale of my property, but I can notarize the sale of YOUR property.

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I would look into buying the business from the retiring owners!!

Just research Legal or financial Document Preparation Services

In NY you are profiting from the doc prep services one provides, which is why you can’t notarize the same docs you drafted yourself regardless of the transaction/purpose of the docs. The definition of “interest” in our business is a very thin line, mostly because of the language used in the laws and interpretation of that language.

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Thank you , and does that attorney have to have an accompanying letter with each document pkg. verifying that it has been reviewed by the attorney
Where would you connect with these professionals to market your mobile services. Linkin?

Again, speaking on NY here, if you hire a doc prep company to draft your bankruptcy (or will, Divorce, POA, etc.) paperwork, there is no attorney involvement. The purpose of hiring such company is to circumvent the attorney fees by filing the paperwork yourself (Pro Se). The company hired to draft the paperwork (in NY) does not have to be an attorney or paralegal, in fact, last I knew, NY doesn’t even regulate this type of service. Your basically just paying someone else to do something you could do yourself. Most states have all the same paperwork for such filings posted on their websites, the same paperwork doc prep services would use. Your basically paying them to collect the info from you to fill in all the blanks so you can take it to the courthouse, pay the fees and file. It can be very time consuming, and procedures get confusing, and that’s where these companies make their money.
To answer your question, I would just advertise it as an additional service you provide wherever you advertise your notary business.
Like I said previously, some states do regulate this type of service, so you want to make sure to do your homework for your state before you take the plunge! You will need to learn the documents and procedures for each type of transaction. Some companies offer a “one stop shop” where they will schedule a notary to come to their office after the docs are prepped, have them notarized, and file it for you. (again, talking NY here). To clarify, I have been a notary in 3 different states in my 11 years. NY was my first, so some info I provided here “may have” changed. I posted a link to a NY business that offers such services for your reference.


Thank You for this as I’m looking into this for my state. I get calls from people that want a POA but they have not printed and filled out the forms. Im seeing if my state allows me to print off and take it to them or if it’s considered providing legal advice. Our forms are general and online for free. I’ll be calling my SOS tomorrow to get clarity.


Go get it girl! Hopefully your state allows it. Those companies were always crazy busy in NY, but NY was one of those states who had ample NSA/GNW work so never had the time to humor it.

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I’m going! Lol
I sure hope I can because that would be an profitable service to provide!

Just be very very careful with this - there are various forms/types of POAs and it’s not up to the doc preparer to decide which one is best for them. They need to know what they want - the UPL line here is very very thin.

Otherwise, best of luck with that!


I sure will! Thank You

100% agreed @LindaH-FL. Same applies to bankruptcies (Chapter 7, 11, etc…). Most people just want what they want, and that’s the end result, not knowing the different options available out there for a specific transaction/situation.

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For Texas: If I recall a third party legal document creator should be working under the supervision of an Attorney. Most of these will be Paralegals. You can hire a lawyer who will work with you, i.e. coach you, but these are far and few between.

There are services that will sell you a kit that’s suppose to be State specific. I’m seeing more folks doing with Wills and Trusts in order to keep their costs down, only to have he documents being challenged in court after the fact.


My situation would not be preparing the docs. Only to print what the signers send to me and deliver to them for notarization. I contacted my SOS (Oklahoma)and my AG and both stated it was fine as long as I’m not drafting the documents.


I’m not legal document originator, but like you handle the document printing, signings, evidence pickup, etc. for a few law firms.

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Isn’t this a notary commission conflict? Preparing documents is normally done by paralegals, they have the clearance to do so as well as the training as they work hand in hand with Lawyers as they normally proof what a paralegal sends out for correctness. Not saying that document companies are not allowed to do what they are doing but in most cases/states, providing documents falls hand in hand with practicing law. Definitely do some homework and make sure you are not doing anything that goes against your commission rules. Maybe contact NNA help desk?

No - that’s the last one you want to call…ugh…don’t get me going.

This is very state-specific; in FL a notary can become a Legal Document Preparer and help people complete legal docs for filing for pro se appearances. However, they cannot draft the documents without direct contact and discussion with the requestor as they can only insert info that the customer tells them (example to clarify: I have a computer, they do not, they want divorce papers, I can do that on my computer with their direct input). Also, many forms are available online and Florida notaries are only allowed to assist in preparing those approved by the Supreme Court.

As for notarizing those same documents, I’m not positive if it’s a conflict; from reading the law I believe there would be, and I believe our SoS advises against it since, as a LDP, we’d be paid by the requestor to prepare the docs in the first place, so there is a hint of a financial interest there. I don’t think I’d take the chance and would probably refer them to another unaffiliated notary for that portion.

Now, this is my opinion based on some quick research I’ve done as I have tossed around becoming a Legal Document Preparer. I have some more research to do on it before I decide.

BTW, in Florida it is illegal for a paralegal to work independently; they MUST work under the direct supervision of an attorney.

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