Does anybody do enotary in pa

I cant get any straight answers on how to do enotary. i paid docusign and they say since it is not a corporate account i cant do it. but thats why i signed up with them. it is so frustrating. i’m not sure if i need an electronic seal. if anybody could reach out to me i would be forever grateful.

Will this help you?

From what I’ve heard, here in PA they haven’t finalized which platform they want to use and it hasn’t been finalized that we will be RON

Well you will need to be an Executive member to use it in PA. I use them and they are quite expensive as you need to pay credits every time you process a loan or document. It averages between $3-$11 per call. You can quit at anytime and I am looking at other options. You will need a electronic seal and electronic certification ($200).