Enotary from pa

Hi i was wondering if anybody does enotary in pa. not RON just enotary. please message me. I have no idea what i am doing

Near as I can figure, a national organization is trying to suck us into something that will cost us considerably and has no indication of what kind of volume/return on investment we can expect as an IC. Particularly when they are also backing Big Tech on Remote Online Notarization nationwide. FWIW…eNotary has been legal in my state for several years now, but I’ve NEVER been asked by anyone to provide this service…and most eNotaries in my state have NOT selected the ONE provider/Notary that’s allowed… which also tells me something. Hope you find out otherwise.

I am an enotary in Pa and have been working with Amrock and Quicken loans which uses Pavaso for almost 2 years now. You will need to use DocVerify for General notary work. Mortgage connect was trying to get geared up for enotary signings before the covid 19 hit but still have it together yet. I did do in person paper signings as well with other ss companies. But since Covid 19 and Pa’s stay at home orders, I have not worked since 3/19. And if you want to know about RON I am learning that myself so I may be able to help a little with that.