Does anyone have experiences with USA Signing Agent?

To William (wdgwings) the other two worth paying for are and NotaryRotary. I keep getting the USA Signing Agents email all the time. It sounds too good to be true and thanks to those who replied that it is and to stay away. Thank you.

Unfortunately, Ms. Richter, some of us live in areas that are highly saturated with signing agents. If we don’t accept the crappy $75 fees, we don’t work. Others take the lowball offers, and we stay home. Clearly you live in an area where you can demand higher fees because you don’t have competition. I’ve tried to negotiate with these lowballers, and all I’ve accomplished is giving business to other area notaries who are willing to take the crappy fees. I wish we could unionize and demand that signing services pay us the notary fee, and charge extra for their services, rather than just taking half our money.

I’ve been in this biz a very long time and have watched many newbs come and rapidly go in my area because they can’t survive on the low fees they accept…and quickly move on. It’s true that I’m not in a notary-saturated area, but it’s also true that it’s a low-volume area, too. Oh, and ICs can’t unionize.

Yes, I’m aware that ICs cannot unionize which is why I said “I wish” rather than to organize a movement. We have a lot of newbs that come and go here also, unfortunately there are so many of them, that even though they don’t stay long enough to make it to the big leagues, there’s a steady enough flow of newbies to support lowball companies like C2C and DocSigners. DocSigners used to be a great company to work with. Now they’ve got new people in the office and are sending out $50 and $60 refis. I sincerely pray that these lowballers would go out of business before ruining it for everyone. I recently saw that C2C has recently hired full time quality control staffers to handle the massive volume of signings full of defects. I don’t know how Lisa is so short-sighted that she doesn’t get it- if she just paid a reasonable notary fee, she would get quality work from experienced notaries and not HAVE to hire QC staffers to handle the massive volume of defects generated by the new, untrained people. I was incredibly disappointed to see Carol Ray at Notary2Pro partner with C2C. Notary2Pro used to pride themselves on dealing only with quality signing services and title companies that offer reasonable fees.

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You should NEVER pay a fee to register for a signing service. Only NNA or NSS or the like for training.


I paid them $39 and never received any assignment request. When I emailed them to inquire, no responses.

Interestingly after my membership expired, they were diligent to ask me to pay for membership again.

NEVER !!! NEVER AGAIN. Glad that was the only time and last time I paid.