Does Delaware, an attorney only closing state, require an attorney to be physically present...?

This is a first for me!

I live in PA, a non-attorney state. I accepted a signing for tomorrow, property is in Delaware (attorney only closing state), and the SS is telling me that the attorney will call in on the phone to complete the signing while I… just sit there and stamp…? I guess…?

Is this legit? I feel weird about it.

The attorney may just ask the signers if they have any questions then tell them to call if anything comes up…doubt he’ll stay on the phone going over everything…you’ll go through the docs and get signatures.

To be sure, check the DE statutes to see if telephone presence is sufficient…or ask hiring party

In my experience, Katelyn, yes the signings in a non-attorney state for property being sold within an attorney state are usually managed in the manner as identified by LindaH-FL.

I also check the statutes AND confirm with the hiring party as it’s always best to research the requirements yourself.

NOTE: I’ve only had one instance wherein the attorney remained on speakerphone throughout the signing, albeit muted our conversation. At the end, I requested confirmation that the attorney requirements were fulfilled and it took several requests to receive a response. I presumed they were diligently attending to other work while the signer & I worked together and had forgotten they muted the call. So, took a minute to confirm. :wink::hibiscus: