Echecks being difficult to deposit

I had a heckuva time trying to get these darned things (checks sent electronically to be printed by the receiver) deposited via ATM or remote deposit. Then I read a forum post that suggested trimming an additional half inch from the bottom.

I pulled out a standard business check and matched it to an Echeck. Sure enough, the bottom margin on the Echeck was noticeably wider. I held my breath, carefully trimmed… and the Echeck went into the ATM with no problem.

Now I have no difficulty depositing payments from my clients who use Echecks.


I noticed the wide margin at the bottom and found that my settings when printing the check were set to “Fit” and not “Actual”. Once I changed this setting, I did not have any trouble printing and depositing the check. No cutting needed other to remove the check! Hope that helps!


I haven’t had any issues depositing printed checks. I recently started using my mobile bank app to make deposits via the camera now, so much more convenient ( I still have to print the check though and shred it after, sorry trees).

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I’ll try that with the next one, James.

Thanks for the tip!

I cut right around the check and that works like a charm

I had a terrible time getting these to get through the bank. I never could deposit electronically.
I now print the entire check, and the instructions. I then have to take to the bank and show them the check and instructions. It usually goes through that way, when it gets rejected is because the wrong numbers are at bottom of check. I try not to work for companies that pay this way.

I never had any difficulty depositing them through ATM; just cut them at the arrowed line.

I just mobile deposited my first echeck. I was a little unsure at first, but I trimmed as suggested here and had no problem. Print and handle as you would a normal check and you should be fine.

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