Elite Etiquette is scamming Notaries

I did a signing for Elite Etiquette over 80 days ago and still have not been paid. I have called and left messages with no response. I see that the owner is Ramon George but I have not been able to speak to him directly. I am going to do all in my power to get my money. Shame on them for scamming notaries. National Closing Solutions has already stated they wont work with them anymore. do not work with them.

Call title co. & let them know.

@nearbynotaryservice Sorry to read about the difficulties you’re experiencing.

I performed a cursory Search of the GOLDMINE (using the business entity as keywords) found within the Notary Cafe database & here are the results (7 threads):



Also, you may find this post quite helpful. I understand that it’s been successful for many professional signing agents =>


Elite Etiquette owes me for a signing I did 100 days ago. Every time I call, it goes directly to voicemail. I’ve sent email messages and my invoice 3 times already. I am a Legal Shield agent and member, and will be taking legal action against them.

Why not report them to the Attorney General in their state?