Equity National Title & Closing Services Inc

Has any one ever worked for Equity National Title & Closing Services Inc. and have gotten paid lower then agreed upon price or no payment at all? And if so how was it resolved? Normally when a signing service doesn’t pay you can go to the title company to help resolve the issue, but in this case it is a title company. I did a seller closing for them that the signers said was in correct, and after all the phone calls trying to get it resolved I was there over the normal time it would have taken to sign. It ended up getting rescheduled for the next day with another agreed upon price being the same amount as the first appt. well when I got my check from them I was paid a quarter of the amount for the first appt and less then agreed upon amount for the second appt. Now they won’t return my calls.

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They’re usually pretty good. Hope you have everything in WRITING. If so, assemble it and e-mail it to them. FWIW, unless you stipulated ‘full fee for no signs/show/rescinded’ and they agreed prior to assigning it to you, most TCs will only pay a ‘trip/print fee’. Which is something to remember when dealing with TCs…some don’t want to pay a dime for these UNLESS you address the issue before it happens & make sure it’s in writing.

Where are you at? The one near me in Colorado is excellent! Very professional . I actually have used them to close my investment properties:)

I’m in Texas outside of Dallas

After I posted this I was finally able to reach someone at Equity. I explained everything to her and she agreed it sounds like they owed me more money. She said she would reach out to name/department (I don’t want to give names on here) and cc me on the correspondences, but so far I have not seen any emails. keeping my fingers crossed.

They look for reasons to chop your fee. I fired them.

Looking for professionalism or just Arrogances?
Email from Equity National
“This is a notification that an issue has been logged for the following closing that you handled for us:”
“These issue(s) will impact your scorecard.”

I really don’t care about your “scorecard”. The guy I was working with did not speak English. I told his wife to inform him to initial all cross outs. It is my fault I did not see that they did not listen to my instructions. When I received your first email that the borrower failed to initial “never known as”, I fixed it the same day and uploaded it to you. According to your email you were going to send me a FedEx label to send the original initialed doc back. I asked about the label twice because it is a 24 mile round trip to the FedEx, but you never replied just left me hanging. You never thanked me for uploading the corrected doc the same day either. So when I read, “We are committed to proving the highest level of quality to our customers” you should include the Signing Agents that quickly try to resolve any of your requests, that’s just good business. So next time you are looking for a GOOD SIGNER in the area, please take me off of your calling list.

If you are referring to Equity National Title in RI, I am totally surprised. I have worked with them for over 10 years and never had an issue. The majority of the time you ca even reach them after hours. They are one of my favorite clients.



I happened to find this post when I was searching for Equity Title. Do you happen to have an after-hours number for them? The number I have is 888-434-5500 x4282, but I think the voice mail is full and I can’t leave a message.

Thank you so much.

@jennifer2 I sent a Direct Message [DM] to you.


That stinks. I am so sorry :disappointed: