Experiences with Notary Cloud

What are your experiences with Notary Cloud a signing service whose address is 8915 S. Pecos Road, Suite 17-A, Henderson, NV?

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I just did my first signing yesterday for them, It was just a Quitclaim Deed (2 pages) and drove 6 miles that turned out to be incorrect once I met with the signers. The initial fee was good, I was actually surprised with their offer. They also told me I would be paid a $25 print fee (for the 2 pages) and so much for every mile driven to accommodate me for the incorrect QCD (it was more than half the regular fee). The two girls I spoke with were both very nice and professional. So far so good :smile:


They have a good review on Notary rotary

I have completed two signings for them. They do pay

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Did a signing for them 47 days ago, can’t get any response to email inquires as to payment.

I can say that my experience with them has been good. I have done 4 signings for them and each time I have had to call them about my payment. The last signing is now 60 days past due.

Mine was at day 37. Spoke to them and was told they pay 30-45 days. Said check was ok’d. I’ll give them to the 45 day mark.

They suck! They don’t pay! Accept at your own risk and expect nothing but aggravation!

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They only want to pay $90 for large packs PLUS driving it across town to their office.

They just called me a few minutes ago and they will not pay more than that including hand delivery.

No way not again.

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was excellent for a year and then got dropped with no explaination

How did they drop you? I’m currently having an issue where the paychecks are not coming in on time.

I got paid in a timely manner…and had regular requests and then just nothing…and no reply to inquiries of not hearing from them last two request from them was in February and was paid in April and nothing since April

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I took a signing with this company and was cancelled twice. It came together the third time but they posted the loan documents ONLY. I called for the shipping label, confirmd that I was only printing the closest dated docs and went ahead. They then cut my fee in half because they said I should have reached back 12 days to get the title documents and execute them. I reminded them that they told me verbally only the docs issied closest to closing date. Don’t touch them with a ten-foot pole

Accepted a signing from them in September which was canceled after printing. They asked me to send an invoice for the print fee, which I need. Have also sent emails. No response, no pay!

I did a job for them October 23, 2018. I called around January 2, 2019 to see if a check had been mailed out. I was told a check had been mailed out on December 27. They asked me to wait until January 11 to see it I got it. I didn’t get it. I called again. I was told that if they reissued a check they would have to take $10.00 out of my check for a stop payment fee on the one they claim to have issued me. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I told her I want my money all of it. It is January 16th. I have not received a check yet. I will never do another signing for them.

I was told they were bought by another company Village Title?That was in end of January 2019. I think that is what I read. They owed me money from Oct 2018 and Dec 2018. The phone numbers I had where all voice boxes that were full and I could not leave a message with any of my contacts when I was calling to get paid. I kept sending past due notices and finally got a response that they were bought. I finally got paid. The packages they would send me were over 175 to 200 pages! Duplicates in the packages sometimes like four applications for client to sign. I did not have any good experiences with them.

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In the past it was OK, but now I have not been paid closings I did back on April 11,2019. An email I sent to them was returned to me “mailbox is full”.

I am waiting for payment for a signing from 84 days ago. They do not answer phones yet that is how they contact you. They rarely answer emails. AVOID THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAIT 3 MONTHS TO GET PAID. I will never do another signing for them but I cannot wait until they call me again to do an assignment because they will get all they will get an earful. My policy for this company will be pay in advance.

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Notary Cloud is now known as VillageCapital. Their new email to followup is scheduling@villagecapital.com

I was contacted by a agent from notary cloud & did a last minute very late night refi ( that was expiring ) as other notaries got scared perhaps by the above comments.

I was offered $100 and I countered with a FIRM “Take it or leave IT” $250 ( as this was on Friday night at 11 pm) and she agreed to it. Then my next condition was that , I NO LONGER PROVIDE 30-45 and beyond days credit for notary services. MAX OF 7 days FROM SETTLEMENT. Take it or leave it.

I was prepared to let go of $100 or even the $125 for that late hour. It just was not worth my time and in-convenience.

They however sent me and email with the order with $ 100, I asked for it to be corrected and updated & resent to $250 fee. I do not take oral approvals and always demand something in writing. It was resent for $250.

They accepted. I completed the job and eventually, emailed scheduling@villagecapital.com with invoice and w-9. Check arrived within 5 days of refinance settlement.
So …> your takeaway from this should be.

Past results is not indicative of current performance ( line used by stock brokers & fund manages frequently )

              How you respond to chance, and how you position yourself to profit is the key? 
   You can continue to think/act and do what you do usually. Perhaps get panicked, pick up low job offers and even
         accept lousier payment terms and have little to no self worth of your time / effort 

bring about the change you desire from within yourself and radiating to your surroundings of all you touch and feel.

I got paid $250 for a late night refi within 7 days. Just deposited the check yesterday.

                             SO WHAT HAVE TO DONE TODAY? 
                        CREATED ? CONTRIBUTED ? or COMPLAINED

SO MY FELLOW NOTARIES !! Change ! Change > Your attitude, Your confidence, Your aptitude and along with that your earnings, all for a better quality of service and fee.

I wish the notaries in KY who are starving us out could read your message. Hear that Gina? Rob? Kenny?