FASS Website Looping

I signed up with FASS a few weeks ago and was approved. However, when I go to log into my account, it just keeps looping back into the login prompt. Is anyone else having this problem? I’ll give them a call when I get a chance. Just a little frustrated as the only time I’m able to call is in the evening when I’m not busy.

Not FASS, as I rarely work with them, but way too many hiring parties websites are screwed up.
And those with their own ‘platforms’ are the worst of the worst. Even when you call and it gets ‘fixed’, often it just happens again the next time.

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I am having the same problem. I just signed up though and not approved yet. I believe they are only hiring full time notaries and IF you are in an area in high demand.

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Make sure your pop-up blocker isn’t on.


Signed up a couple weeks back. Pending approval. I tried disabling the add blocker and will try calling tomorrow (currently 9:30PM). I suppose this could be default behavior for non-approved notaries. Could they not do better? Oh well.

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Seriously, if your not approved, just send an email. They sent me an email wanting a voided check to which I had to go to the bank and get (who has checks in this day and age), I sent it back and have not hear anything further.

Pop-up blocker for this site is off. The strangest thing is it works sometimes and other times not at all. I think I’ll pass on this site.

I applied with them last week it took 3 days to get approved. I got my first signing from them on Friday.
If you are getting the looping its because you’re not yet activated. Also even as an existing user you have to sign in Eagle ID as a new user and create a new user ID. They made some changes in their authentication. I would reach out to them again via email or phone to follow up if you haven’t been approved :-).
I will say that I was VERY impressed with the mortgage side. I called and emailed because I could not open the docs, user error, first time user what ever. Anyway I had some questions emailed and I was extremely thankful someone named CAL called me back and went over their entire package with me. This is a DEFINITE first. They were very pleasant and cannot express how grateful I was. More companies should take the time out to do this because at the end of the day we are all after the same common goal…producing error free signings the first time.

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