Faxback/Scanback Requirements

On average, my workload ranges from 5-7 closings per day. Therefore, I am fairly good at being efficient. For example, my office is arranged in a manner that makes the printing and prep process as quick as possible. All of my paper is organized according to size, unpacked, fluffed (to prevent printer jamming/misfeeds), and stacked. When I need paper, I just grab as much or as little as I need and put it in the printer. Shipping envelopes are organized by company, and I pre-apply the label pouches once a month so that they’re ready to go.

One task that I have also shortened, is the fax/scanback process. My scanner is high speed, allowing me to scan a full 150+ page package in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, I typically scan, name, and upload the entire package for all of my clients requesting scanbacks.

One particular signing company (notorious for its low fees), accepted my above average counter offer, and made a comment that scanbacks are required. They also requested that the files be no greater than 10 MB, and that I scan the critical faxback documents only, NOT the entire package. I replied stating that I always scan the entire package, and if they need to find another notary who can accommodate the file size and document requirements, to please feel free and do so. I also apologized for the inconvenience. Am I the only one who scans the whole thing? It would take much longer to sort through and find each individual document, then put the package back in order to ship.


You truly are organized :+1:
I believe your expertise has a lot to do with it.
I’m practically new at this, and love the interaction with people, flexibility of time and extra cash… I’m doing it as a side job and plan to take it full time when I retire from my municipal government job.
Can you please tell how much do you charge for shipping, I mean what is the extra for FedEx or UPS? As I may have mentioned before, I’m a newbie and so far companies that I’m working with they provide shipping cost, but pretty soon I will have to as well.

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You should never be paying for shipping - your hiring party should always be providing a shipping label for UPS or FedEx - all you need to do is keep shipping envelopes/packs on hand for your use.

To jbocanegra - when I did loan signings and had to scanback criticals only, first I’d ask them for a list of exactly what they wanted back (if not already provided); then during my package setup (which I always did, I never printed and ran without reviewing the package first) I’d pull out those critical docs and keep them separate from the rest of the package; once done they’d be scanned back and then just placed on top of the package and returned…IOW if they want scanbacks of criticals only I’d accommodate, but I’m not going to waste time keeping the package in the same order…the scanned docs got placed on top of the return docs.

But, when I was doing them, full package scanbacks were unheard of…and there was always an extra charge for any scanback. As I’ve said before, I’d tell them they could have scanbacks or same day dropoff but they can’t have both - if they wanted the scanbacks then an additional fee was due since I’d have to spend more time/mileage to travel to drop the package.



Thank you Linda… I thought I have read in previous posts that some notaries would keep envelopes and shipping labels ready for their next assignments… I thought they would cover for it. Now you cleared my mind that that is a norm. Thanks Linda, you’re always helpful :innocent:


Okay, I should clarify too - it’s not out of the question that a company doesn’t provide the actual shipping label - sometimes they provide the shipping info only - in which case the notary fills out a shipping label for the return package - but the company is always paying for it, never you. And BTW, while on the subject, NEVER NEVER NEVER put YOUR return address on the label - put the title company/hiring party’s address there.

Another little tip learned over time.

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Good to know, TC address, not mine :+1:

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JB…Your Work, Business practice sounds and i’m sure looks real good! I need to save time & find a good Dual tray laser printer… That has the software to sense whether a doc should be printed on Ltr or Legal sz paper?! What do you use and /or what do recommend?! I now have a Brother single tray that is pretty fast, but of course I printall the letter than legal than stack in correct order when done! Appreciate your help! Cheers, Tony D.

what kinda (brand) scanner do u have

I, personally, have the Epson GT-S50-80; at the time I bought it, it was a smidge faster than the Fujitsu ScanSnap, had a larger document feeder (75 pages vs 50 pages in the ScanSnap) and was about $100 dollars cheaper for a new one. I’m sure they have upgraded it now since mine is about 7 years old but it’s still a reliable scanner.

Hope this helps

I use the Brother HL-L5200DW. It’s not prohibitively expensive and, thus far, has done a good job.

Hi Tony, I use a Brother HL-L6200DWT. It seems to be the industry standard for many notaries.

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I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500. I actually just bought it a few months ago. My old iX500 needed to be upgraded.

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Very rarely do I have to pay shipping. It is standard practice for title companies to send a UPS or Fedex label with every loan package. Occasionally, they’ll send their account information and request that you have the UPS/Fedex employee create a label. The only time I ever have to pay for shipping is when smaller companies request a signing. I usually just ship via USPS Priority Certified.

Thank you for your input, JBOCANEGRA… I’ll keep that in mind … USPS Priority, no more than $7 :wink:

I do exactly what you do and have never ever heard back from anyone, not a single complaint.

That my set up. UPS supplies on the left, FedEx on the right. 5000 page copier spitting it all out.


Ready for business :+1:
What printer is that? Please, if you don’t mind

Konica Minolta Buzhub 454e. Love it! $215/mo for 10k prints, $0.008 each after (5000 more prints for $40).

Thanks for answering… then, it’s a lease agreement that you have

In my regular day job there’s one, I asked because it looks familiar. Nice printers, Konica do. Very efficient… the one in my office is for 15 people, and one of them print one or two reams of documents in the blink of an eye.