FedEx Onsite Locations

I am currently finishing up an assignment and the only FedEx open at this time is a FedEx onsite location. I can wait until tomorrow to drop docs based on the loan officer, but if I did drop off at this location is it considered acceptable; or would that delay pick up because it’s not a FedEx company building?

Generally, it’s in your best interest to only handoff your executed document package to a UPS/FedEx staff member directly who can provide you with a receipt for the package you’re handing off.

The receipt is your PROOF that the executed package was handed off to the staff member.

My business process: Handoff the executed document package to a UPS/FedEx staff member directly & obtain a receipt => This is how I’ve always managed my document packages for security and chain-of-command handoffs.

If FedEx/UPS staffed locations are closed when the signing is concluded, I’ll secure the package overnight and perform the handoff the next day.

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Thank you! I’ll hand it to the official FedEx.

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If it is late there is usually a FEd Ex in or near an airport that is available later in the evening. Long Drive but sometimes worth it. If the signing is after 4 pm I usually wait until next day to drop but you always need to get a receipt to CYA

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Rule of Thumb
If you drop the docs in a drop box, you are solely responsible for the documents until they are in the hands of the company they were sent to.

When you hand the docs to an employee of the delivery service, FEDEX/UPS, once you receive a receipt, you are no longer responsible for the docs.

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I didn’t know that. Thank you for that gem. I’ll look for one near the airport.