FedEx supplies

It was brought to my attention this morning from Fedex, that we as notaries cannot order supplies without a credit card number and prepaid cards will not work because a prepaid card does not have an expiration date. As I went around and around with 2 rep’s, I was finally able to speak with an understanding rep named Lisa who advised this is their new policy. Lisa went up and beyond and helped me with my supply order.


FedEx supplies are no longer free?

FedEx supplies are still free, however, to ORDER supplies you must have a credit/debit card with an expiration date. I am not comfortable with this as this makes no sense at all. All of the FedEx boxes in my area do not put supplies in the drop boxes anymore. I have gone to 2 “manned” offices and am told “FedEx makes us state our quota of supplies for the quarter, and if we run out of supplies before the quarter is up, we have to pay them”.

I have a FedEx account and I just ordered free supplies after seeing this post. Supplies are free for me.

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I have tons of FedEx and UPS supplies that I ordered last year.

Same as ronald.allen and TX_Roxie. With a Fedex account, I order online, supplies are free and delivered free of charge directly to me. Setting up an account may require a credit/debit card, however that card is never charged for the supplies.


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