Fees for CNSA and NP jobs as self employed

Hello, I have been a Corporate Notary Public for over 15 years for a major mortgage company and signed docs all day long as part of my job function, so I never had to charge for the service. But now that I am self employed and received my CNSA I am looking for some tips on what the charges are for normal services.

1 Loan Docs
3 DMV Docs
4 Grant Deeds

Just a general idea Please and I know that Notary Cafe does not set prices. I know that I need to calculate my cost to run my business etc etc. but if you could give me some general ideas what you charge and would accept I would so appreciate it. Let’s say that the job is in town, and local.

If you would like to email me at ablake2.16@gmail.com that would be great too.

This is a time when I would really like and appreciate the expertise of those in my field.

Thank you

**It appears you are asking about two capacities: One as a notary signing agent (NSA) and the other doing general notary work (GNW). As for NSA (your first category) check out what has been said by others … particularly on the NR forum. Generally speaking you should not consider any offer less that $100, and even more based on the scope of work, distance traveled, etc. As for GNW (the remaining categories in your list), your fees should be in line with the statutory amounts applicable in your state. I hope this is helpful. You may also contact me privately at seals-on-wheels@cox.net.


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For loan work your expenses are your time, the distance you have to travel, and the cost of producing and processing documents Don’t base your charges on the cost of your expenses. Charge enough on each area so as to show a profit. You can’t operate without a profit. 2, 3 and 4 are general notary work Determine the maximum statutory fee for your state and if travel fee is allowed A good rule might be to charge a base fee per document and a minimum service fee for travel.
Negotiate with the signing companies, always ask more than you are willing to accept.

Use your contacts. Regardless of types of docs you are experienced with, ditch the employee model and think like a “corporation”! You already know how valuable you are. Charge according to the Industry and the Market (search notaries in your zip radius).

Tip: See if you can get that giant lender to hire you Direct for signings in your area. You know all the players. Use as a business base and avoid middle guy if possible. Newer Signing “companies” are set up on an assembly line arbitrary model at the notary’s expense - and the client’s.

Signing companies are getting at minimum $125 to $150 for clients with some amount of volume. Infrequent clients of signing companies get $200 to $300.

A NSA deserves no less than $100 for a 150 page signing within 20 miles and no faxbacks. That should be your basis and adjust from there.

Their job, like yours is negotiate a fair fee, but some signing companies want it all. I have seen some companies getting $200 and want to pay an NSA $65. Not a fair transaction