Fees from signing solutions aka signing-trac

I just received an offer from (signing solutions) Notary-trac to print doc’s, travel 30 miles sign a refinance and ship the doc’s all for a whopping $65.00. Any notary that supports a company such as this is helping to deminish our industry. Here’s the response i sent them:

Based on your continued “low-balling” of fee’s I’ve blocked your emails. I don’t know if you are incapa ble of negotiating a decent fee from the title companies, or if your just greedy.

Notaries are required to train, test and insure. We are bonded and licensed by the State. Our fee’s include administrative cost, including office space, equipment and supplies. Our travel expense and time. For you to try and retain the majority of a fee is absurd, your only liability is to pay a notary to due the real work.

Actions such as your’s will someday destroy our industry.

Michael Blackburn


They shouldn’t be in this business if they can’t respect other people’s business. I very seldom accept their signings, and only if they’re over $85.

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This company not only low balls notaries, they are rude and unappreciative of the work that notaries do for them. I accepted a few signings from them when I started out in the industry a couple of years ago but they had the attitude they were doing you a favor by giving you a job and it took 90 days to get paid!! Worst company I’ve dealt with hands down!!!

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Do not work for signingtrac! They do not pay for months and I have sent an invoice Once a month but they do not pay- I ended up getting the check 5 months later so they should not be in this business and notaries should not even take their offers!
I deleted any notifications last year!

Good for you Michael!

You’re still part of the problem. $85 for loan docs? TOO LITTLE!

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$85 really… what part of the world do you live in that makes your efforts worth so little?

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I didn’t say $85, I said over $85, meaning $90, $95, $100 or above, depending on different situations. All other companies I work with know my min is $100.

Can’t you people read? Everybody is stuck on $85? I said OVER $85, it could be $90 or it could be $150.

Because $90 is any better.


Yes Hugo, if it’s a single document, a grant deed for example, and it’s in my home town, $90 is a good pay. One size does NOT fit all.


@blackburnnsa, I’ve only been doing this for 3 weeks, the lowest pay I accepted the first time was $125 and $150 and up, but I’ve since then revised my fee schedule. Being business savvy and thinking like a business owner instead of an hourly employee helps. If people want to take low paying assignments then they should go back to an hourly w-2 status. It’s costly to run your own business.


Yes and I just had them remove me from their files they are the most unprofessional group of young