Fieldchoice non payment

Anyone else pulling teeth trying to get paid by Fieldchoice?

To pursue collection, see my post on WARNING: Shasta Signings AKA Prestige Notaries AKA NotaryDash - Got stiffed, I think

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Let me help you and others who Fieldchoice has not paid, because they are deadbeats.

First, check in with the company you executed the documents for, such as Title365, etc… and find out if there were any issues with the closing. If it was Title 365 you can directly register with them to snuff out the deadbeat-find-me-a-notary companies such as “Fieldchoice”
Second, start blowing up your favorite CEO Cell phone number is 404-217-6727
Third: Email Chucky the “Comptroller” -(guy who issues the payments)

You deserve to be paid! I just went through a fired hoop saga with them and I guarantee it was not me who got burned at the end of the day.

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I did end up getting paid after I went to the company that contracted with them. They went to bat for me. I don’t understand how they are still in business.

Good for you! Glad you got paid.

Notaries need to be aware don’t work for these deadbeat companies. Don’t be desperate!