WARNING: Shasta Signings AKA Prestige Notaries AKA NotaryDash - Got stiffed, I think

I did a job 6 weeks ago for Shasta Signings. Haven’t been paid; can’t reach them by phone as “mailbox is full”; no address or names available. I looked them up online and found a lot of confusing legal mumbo-jumbo about some malfeasance with no real conclusion about them that I can act on. I’m only down $80 to them but I’m curious if any of you have experienced similar non-payment and frustration in trying to reach them.

From what I have read elsewhere, Shasta Signings is owned by the same person who owns Prestige Notaries…she also owns NotaryDash - per what I read. I have not confirmed this but will say if this is true, as Prestige Notaries she has a history of slow/no pay

I hope you get resolution to this

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Do you still have the signing documents? If so, contact the title company for remittance. Shasta Signing should also have contact information in the signing package.

Bobby, similar experience here. Completed signing for Shasta minus missing Pay off Demand stamp signatures (that were not clear or easy to recognize on the documents to begin with) I recd an email from Krysten Stilwell (owner of Shasta) stating my fee would be reduced, if I didn’t go back out to collect the signatures. She stated, they would have to contract another notary to collect the signatures, if I didn’t. Later I discover, they (Shasta) sent a Docusign (esign document) to the signers that had a different stamp for initials, not signatures, to complete the signing. Therefore, no notary was contracted by them (Shasta) to retrieve the missing signatures. Still haven’t been paid, but was written a less than favorable review by Krysten in Notary Dash platform. I will not be doing any business for Shasta in the future!

I have done an assignment for Prestige Notaries over 90 days ago and haven’t received payment. I have emailed them I received a reply form JENNIFER GARLAND (fka Glover) President & CEO, but still no payment.

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Shasta signings is not owned by Jennifer Garland.
It’s owned by Mark Stilwell, in no way related.

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I am sorry to hear that you are still waiting on payment! Are you able to see who else was involved in the transaction, for example the name of the title company? If so, then my suggestion would be to contact the title company to see if they have some suggestions. Sometimes, they are more than willing to make you whole, because they don’t want to be associated with a company that doesn’t pay! The dollar doesn’t matter to me, if I completed a job, then I will receive my money! Please keep me posted!

I’ve done a couple of signing within the last month or two and have been paid. No issues…

Prestige Notaries - Jennifer is the President and CEO.

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Hello, I finally received payment after 90 days waiting. Heyyy!!!

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I’m resurrecting this thread because I have long touted that I have not been stiffed by any signing service. . . until now. I did a tough job last October (yeah, October!) and I was led to believe by the SS, Prestige Notaries, that I would get paid. Nope.
Prestige is Lesstige in my book and I will do no more signings for them. I’m writing off the $105 they owe me and will be sending the title/escrow companies involved a note. I’m feeling better already. I’m still batting .995 :upside_down_face:

They are ghosting me as well. Maybe we should sent a group demand for payment letter and follow up with an attorney.

Miracle of Miracles! Prestige Notaries finally paid me in full for a job I did in October 2021. I am now batting 1.000 having never been stiffed on an assignment. Whodathunkit! I just kept writing them and they ended up paying me. Perseverance paid off, in this case, anyway. Will I take any assignments from them in the future? Probably not, but I may have a long talk with them first before I do.

That’s done. Whew. . .

They continue to ghost me…

title companies don’t respond either…funny how they can all rapid fire email you every five minutes until the closing occurs and then vanish into thin air.

Thank you God :). I am so glad that you received your money.