Finest Mobile Notary

Hi there. Contacted via phone by Finest Mobile Notary to notarize a POA. Has anyone worked with them. I can’t seem to find anything about them, positive or negative.

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@riversidenotaryservices Great question!

Like you, Research results were non-productive.

  1. Nothing via the normal industry standard reporting web sites for businesses . . . (red flag).
  2. No data on any web site identifying the business start date or owner/partner names. (red flag).
  3. No corporate/business structure data results. (red flag).
  4. No state registration data.

Business name & their web site have all the indications of a brand new organization/Signing Service [SS] within this business sector.


During the current downturned market for this business sector, it’s QUITE RISKY to essentially extend credit to a new SS with no direct history working with them or for that matter apparently with anyone else in our industry . . .

Of course, the decision is yours to make. If you determine that it’s worth the risk of providing your professional services with the hope of recompense for those services, please let us know of your decision as well as the turnaround time for payment.

Thanks in advance for sharing. :gift:


My Assessment: It would definitively be a Hard Pass due to the level of assessed Risk of an unknown business entity with absolutely NO data available on any vetting sites across all Research venues.


They did pay me within an hour. But they charged the signer $150 :astonished: which he gladly paid. That is NOT what I got paid. How do we report an agency like that? That is usury it would seem?

Definition of “Usury”

“the illegal action or practice of lending money at unreasonably high rates of interest:”


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