First American Signature Services signings suddenly dropped off to zero

I have White Glove status at FASS but I haven’t seen anything from them in nearly a month. I called FASS a couple weeks ago to see if I had been taken off their list but they said no, that they just haven’t had any new signings in my area.

I’m in a big area, San Diego, it sure seems odd to not have anything from FASS lately. I did a lot of Navy Federal Credit Unit signings from them and not a peep. Fortunately they’re not one of the better paying agencies but I just want to see if anyone else has noticed a drop-off in FASS signings.

Am I on a FASS double-secret probation list or something lol?

I am in Florida and signings from FASS are definitely slower the last couple of months, but I am still getting a few. FYI - you can request a higher fee than the standard one they offer you, but not with automatic assignments. You have to wait until they call.

Thank you Rrbryant. Fortunately I finally got the problem fixed yesterday. I had updated my NNA NSA credentials in in December but the NNA was slow in updating it online. When FASS checked my NNA NSA signing status, NNA still hadn’t updated it so FASS dropped the ball and never checked it again. I’m back on the list and have receive 5-6 offers since this morning. Naturally all were either paying too low to accept or in conflict with other signings. So everyone, make sure to double-check your NNA NSA credentials after renewing them and don’t just assume they’ve been updated when you submit your renewals to all your signing organizations. :smile:


Glad it worked out for you. And thanks for the tip!

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I am not white glove status and probably never will be. I won’t take low ball signings and when you ask for more you get a notch in your bad belt. All the nearby signings are already taken by white glove people before I can even open the application. Still I find just as many low closing offers as I have always received from them. I just don’t feel bad turning them down or insisting on more. I used to do a lot of signings for the local office but they shut that down early last year. I think business in general must be down for them.

What price do you call low ball?

Well, that is a complicated question. It depends on the deal. I won’t leave the house for $50.00 unless its a deed and down the block for anyone. I get offers from FASS that are for $75.00 or so with printing all docs and a long drive. Won’t take them if they do not meet an acceptable price. When you ask for more and if they get it approved you will be marked for someone that is too high priced and never meet White Glove standards. I have enough business not to sweat the small stuff.

The Navy signings only pay $75, I prefer to have the high net-worth signings HNW. They pay $150.
I’m first American white glove with 1495 signings completed.
Tell me someone who can beat that number.
I cover all Orange County, Ca.

But to answer your question the volume from fass has dropped off. I can’t figure out why the rates are low enough.
But I sign for over 40 companies and I got plenty of business.
If you’re good they all call you back.

Yes the key is being signed up with lots of signing companies so a drop-off by one one won’t significantly affect your business. I probably work with 12-15 companies that constantly call me. First American does call me pretty regularly, especially for high net worth individuals. Those $50 bonuses FASS gives for a perfect job with a HNW client are a nice treat.


Update on them, I was told today they’ve had slow season for the last 3 months.

Their base is $90 around here. I’m able to do $120 ones with counters but it’s still slow with these guys, there’s not even enough time to counter as everyone around here is taking the $90 base. I’ve gotten $150 for their higher value signings. They go super quick this entire month. They’ll call me for $120 ones sometimes. I only did one for them this week on Monday for $125. However I can’t accept anything in the app it’s gone so quickly and they haven’t been taking my counter offers to the orders in July via text counter.

I don’t have White Glove status with FASS but have worked with them for 5 years consistently and signings have dropped to zero. Last person that called me from FASS to schedule a signing had a baby crying in the background and chickens…not very professional. FASS works with First American Title and they want to go fully digital but their people are having difficulties. Some signings are HYBRID which is a cross between esignings, RON signings, and ink pen. They are getting confused as to which doc should be assigned the different forms of signings. If they are confused, imagine Notaries. I also called FASS and was told that FASS increased their fees so business is slow. Have a feeling people that are doing the scheduling are also confused and increased fees due to complications. Then throw into the mix not all states are doing electronic notarizations and many notaries have not yet signed up for the various options. This reminds me of when computers and Microsoft first came into the world. Need to work out the bugs.

Hmmm interesting to hear it’s slow. I randomly saw a few weeks ago a job ad for an in-house notary for FASS. It was on indeed in WA state. It sounded more like a closer too. Lots of work and descriptions said travel between offices. I don’t think they pay hourly very much for this position from the sounds of it. Might be why things slowed if they hired more in house.

I agree they are trying to hire in house but with scenario they are trying to implement have a feeling they will go back to paper and ink Notaries even though I know this is not progressive. Title, Mtg, lenders, etc. need to stop putting so many duplication and needless docs in signing packages. Customers are getting frustrated with huge packages. First American Title is over 100 years old and if they don’t effectively change with the times they will be ripe for a buyout. I worked for 2 successful firms in CA similar scenario that ended up getting bought out by more organized companies. Worked for a large company in Seattle over 100 years old for 15 years and with a team of 20 IT staff were hacked and held for Ransome which they paid. Received letter 2 months ago all my information provided to HR for my FBI background check was hacked. They just added another 20 people to IT staff. Business growth needs better control in the real estate market. More Notaries are dropping out of the game due to low ball fees and I believe are frustrated with disorganization of others. Currently, I’m doing a lot of POA’s, etc. for full care facilities, private individuals, and hospitals. Using WA State rates providing a good income. Seniors have shared my name with others. Last week made $900 just for these type of signings. COVID is driving force for these jobs.

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Hi again ~ wanted to let you know that I did sign up with a Real Estate company as a Mobile Notary Signing Agent. King County office looking for agents in Kitsap County. For those wanting to sign up with Real Estate companies directly have your resume ready. They also share information with Title companies. I have many clients already but this is an interesting path to try.

Hi Alice, how would a notary go about signing up with a real estate company? I did send my resume to redfin for king county when they were looking — the job ad was posted for a while and I think by the time I sent my application it filled quickly. I also connected with a real estate broker our family knows for years and my husband does a lot of work for him, he has direct connection with title on the east side. They have their long time notary they work with so I am not able to connect with them at this time. I’m keeping my eye out and signing up where I can. I like staying busy.

Hi again ~ actually you helped me. I checked out Linked In and just inserted several different versions of notary title in search area. Indeed also provided sample resume which I copied and then edited to my history. Submitted to Redfin because they were looking for a Notary in Kitsap County. Indeed then links resume to other similar companies looking for similar personnel. Most were in King County which is a place I will not venture to for signing (ferry ride +). I’m happy in my waterfront community of Kitsap County which also includes Bainbridge Island. My suggestion is put your resume on linked in and see what happens. Foreclosures are going to be a reality in the next few months and property will be exchanging hands. Notaries will be needed.

Forgot to mention nice communicating with you. King County is not far from Kitsap County but is a totally different environment. Do not go back to King County very often even though my best friend lives in Seattle and my son. I do go to Pierce County (Gig Harbor) and Buckley where my daughter and her husband lives. She works out of her home as a medical coder and they raise baby cows. Remember Seattle in the 60’s and so dislike what it has become especially downtown Seattle.

ah that’s great to hear! At this time I am only covering King county area. Congrats on your Kitsap find! I’m nervous for the foreclosure market and have to plan for how I will stay busy. There might be a lot of modification signings when foreclosures strike… Who knows.

Seattle has been rough. The traffic is insane. I am in west seattle and the bridge is closed for maybe another year. It’s a nightmare. If I leave early enough for an appointment or take on late ones, it’s not so bad. I have an early start in Bellevue tomorrow morning right across from the mall. I always have to go a bit south due to the closure before I can go east or north.

When I worked in Seattle on East Marginal Way for maritime construction, traffic was bad then. One of the projects worked on was a joint venture for 520 Bridge and another Manette Bridge in Bremerton. Worked on many bridge projects and this company is the best. Too bad they don’t give the work to repair West Seattle Bridge which is just down the road from their corporate office. Building and repair of bridges all completed in or under allotted timelines. Seattle City Council is such a mess they need a total reboot. Candidates need to have a business, medical, construction, and engineering sense to repair city and enhance growth. Stop electing social buddies and get busy with intelligent growth. Where you live is very difficult to get to other locations in the area people that hire you need to stop pushing low ball fees. Just not right !