First American Signature Services signings suddenly dropped off to zero

There is a general drop of business with all agencies

FASS recently removed my White Glove status because I haven’t done enough signings in the previous 60 to 90 days. What? They haven’t sent me but a couple in the past 90 days and they were all only $40-50 offers. I fired off a reply saying they shouldn’t be removing White Glove status for lack of activity if it’s not a problem caused by the NSA.

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I am new to notary cafe…Do you mind sharing your most productive signing platforms/or companies? I’ve signed up with a few, but the volume is not what I expected. Thanks so much!!

I was offered FASS White Glove Status and declined because they paid lower fees. For 3 years I was doing approx 5 signings a week with FASS using my fee schedule. Then all of sudden 2 months ago they rarely call unless they are having a hard time booking a signing in Kitsap County WA. I called FASS support and inquired did I say something wrong or wasup? Person I spoke with advised they were going through some internal reorganizations and only accepting clients that have higher credit ratings so their business has slowed down. They are also working out the hiccups as they try to incorporate hybrid signings. Issue is different states have different laws and confusing Title.

Does anyone know how you get the White Glove Status reinstated after being kicked off? Had one error after working for them since December but am unclear if it’s because of that or something else. Should I be concerned? I reached out but no one is responding.

Providing you still have enough signings, the White Glove status is automatically restored once you have done enough additional error-free signings. It works on a percentage basis.

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I have my first signing with them this week. Do you have any advice for me?