Removed from Fass White Glove

Has anyone else been removed from Fass White Glove service? I know since Dec. 2023 they have not release any orders to notaries at all.

Fass doesn’t pickup the phone or respond to emails to Vendor Management.
This was the subject line from their email:
FASS White Glove Access Removed and/or FASS Standard Plus Access Removed

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I’m not a fan of Fass anymore since they have lowered their notary fees. I’ve gotten notifications for $50 signings. No thank you :wink:


Consider yourself a truly experienced notary. White Glove is synonymous with low fee.


First American/FASSNotary was the title company that was directly hacked. I think everyone is locked or wiped still. I have not had one FA come through lots of one offs for my lenders and still seeing a huge decrease escrow flowing through them as a whole. They are posting pretty consistently lately on fraud though…

Just realized, they had 2 attacks. One in November and then a second in December. Interesting to see how this turns around and what we can expect for those of us who gave them a lot of personal and business information.

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Yes!! I was they go to person any time anywhere, I work very hard for them. I became a white glove, and when I asked for more money, they told me that if I received more money I could no longer be a white glove, and I kindly told them I can deposit the money, but I can’t deposit a white glove, so I was no longer a white glove and eventually, they stop using me so I do understand but in cases it’s like that we have to keep on trucking and keep on marketing ourselves because the title companies, signing services are not loyal to the notaries

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Heh…yeah, they make you sound so ‘special’…and you are…special/cheap. Use you, lose you, move on the next ‘special’ White Glove/cheap.

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I found FASS “White Glove” appointment a marketing concept to get mobile loan signing agent to agree with FASS’s given fees. Their premise was LSAs with “White Glove” status was given first consideration for assignments. If you weren’t willing to accept their quoted fee, you couldn’t stay in “White Glove” status. I used to get 20 or more assignment per month from FASS, when I first started performing loan signings. As the years passed and more LSAs came aboard with FASS, I saw a change in volume and a reductions in fees.

Over the years, my direct experience with FASS explicitly mirrors that of @cfletcher in the post:

I easily relinquished my “White Glove” status, because it wasn’t in the best interest of my business to operate at a financial loss.


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Yes! Glad to hear it wasn’t just me. Had a lot of work from them up until that time. Fees were somewhat negotiable if they called you to book.

Surprisingly, I’ve received GNW for some of the FASS loan modification packets. Seems that FASS has decided to make their borrowers fit the notary bill now.

Joint the crowd of being removed from FASS White Glove Service. After I worked with them for 3 years when I first opened my business in 2015 at my agreed rates. They established White Glove Service aka lowball rates. So after 3 years of being a devoted Notary to their company I was cutoff. I have mentioned before that I listen to CNBC Squawk Box and FASS and associated companies stock is in toilet. Karma !!

Wow! I’ve just started to experience these similar circumstances. I’ve done a little over 700 Closings for FASS and recently I have been responding with additional fee requirement. Furthermore I had scheduled appointment for Wells Fargo through Fass/A360. the appointment was for 9pm in Ross, Ca, I was then contacted by WF-Advisor communicating to me that his scheduler had made an error on the appointment time and needed to change it to 9am , I communicated to the advisor that I was not available at that time, he then requested that I worked out a time convenient for me and the signer . Next thing I know the order was removed from my calendar on Fass/A360 platform and not placed back there untill next day. Long story short I do not miss appointments as (This is my livelihood) I still made contact with client and we got documents signed. But Fass (Luis Abner) has been extremely unreasonable to work with . Luis Abner basically told me he can Terminate our partnership when he deems necessary (He’s Flexing) even without cause, which Im totally aware of. But shouldn’t termination of Notary White-glove status be a reasonable cause (Especially for the sake of Good business Practices) ?

the relationship goes both ways. They can also be terminated.

I’ve completed 2473 signing with FASS. Yes a Super Signing Agent.

My last day signing for them, after the hack made the News, I did 6 signing for them on the last day.
Make NO sense. But we more on. It’s good I sign for over 40 companies.

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The past 2 years I was on and off White Glove from month to month. It had no relation to the dollar amount they paid but it was based on the number of assignments and error-free assignments I completed in the last 12 months. For me, the number of assignments kept dropping below the minimum since FASS doesn’t do a huge amount of business in my area.
Most of their assignments I receive are Loan Mods and they still pay pretty fairly for local signings. For those, I always receive a phone call and they are never blasted out. I have never received a signing from them for a purchase or a seller and only a few times did a refinance.