First time this happened

I took a signing a few days back that was to be at 10:am this morning a little after I to find out about the docs. The lady with the title company says, “that signing is not until 1 pm so there are no docs yet”. I explained that the confirmation letter as well as the Snap Docs order says 10:00am (this also what the initial signing read in the text. She proceeded to tell me that I would just have to do it at the 1pm time, I informed her that as this was( according to the original paperwork a 10:00am, I was already booked for the remainder of the day, so another notary will be needed other than me, she the proceeded to tell me that they HIRED ME and it is my responsibility to be flexible if it is changed! REALLY! Then says it is not there fault I did not read the order correctly! I in fact after the conversation went back into the original email confirmation and the original Snapdocs order and promptly replied to her email with those as an attachment! I know we work for the signing companies and .Escrow but since when do we have to not schedule anything else because they may need to change something!

They try. You deny. Easy.

Some of these signing companies are getting too big for their britches. I blame the 2 top schools for NSA’s, propagating the $1,500 weeks to start and of course newbies taking $90, $60, $30 signings to build their EXPERIENCE. Can’t they add how many signings it takes ( or how far they have to drive ) to make decent money? What’s your thoughts?