For your Info, Florida Notaries, RE SmartID

Building on a previous thread about photos of drivers licenses on cell phones, found here

I wrote to the State of Florida to see if it was, in fact available - I received this response this morning:

"Good morning,

Thank you for your email. The Florida Smart ID application and the Florida Smart ID Verifier application have not been officially launched for Florida drivers and ID cardholders. At this time, the Florida Smart ID applications continue to be tested and updated by the development team. As part of this process, the applications must be in the Apple and Google stores as we continue to preview and test the Florida Smart ID.

We are looking forward to the official Florida Smart ID release and will be announcing it to the state through various means including emailing beta testers, social media platforms and the traditional press in the future."


Fwiw, I have a Florida digital Smart ID as I’m one of the beta testers.

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@psajax thank you! How do you like it? I only posted to make folks aware it’s not been released yet as active and acceptable.

What are your feelings on it’s viability?

That sounds ripe for fraud. Have they ever heard of Photoshop. They may want to rethink this…

Do Tell. How did you sign up?

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Hello @selecia,

If your asking how to signup for the Florida Digital DL/ID, you have to make an account on the My DMV Portal (link attached below) then signup through it.