FYI: LOW BALL FEES offered by SIGNING SERVICES OF AMERICA - Not all signing agents are created equal

Did anyone else receive this email?


This is a mass email. Please be aware of the following:

*** As of today, the NSA will have to pay for shipping whenever there is a notary error and new documents must be signed and originals returned to our client. Cost for shipment will be determined at the time the shipping label is produced.**
*** If you have spoken with any lender and they agreed to increase your fee, you must inform SSA. We will then confirm with the lender and update. We will not honor a verbal agreement between only you and the lender. We must hear this agreement from the lender.**
*** Notary errors are becoming very costly and our clients and you. They are talking about what can be done to reduce the notary error. I’m sharing this, because if the rate of errors increases then they will implement error reduction procedures. Some of which no one will enjoy. Please check your work before shipping the package. Contact our office with any questions, or concerns regarding questions on correctly completing documents.**
*** Finally, if a file seems like it will not sign, while you are at the table, we must be contacted. We will immediately engage our client and hopefully resolve the issue so the signer will sign. DO NOT LEAVE THE TABLE, THEN CALL FROM YOUR VECHILE.**

Thank you,

Signing Services of America


F. 678.784.4001

Signing Compnay, if you don’t like the amount of errors perpetuated in the signing process, STOP OFFERING RIDICULOUSLY LOW FEES.

Even in these tough times, NSAs with skill, experience, training and solid reputation are not going to accept offers that bottom line out at less than minimum wage. That old saying… “You get what you pay for.”? IT’S TRUE! Offer a stupidly low fee, you will get an unskilled, inexperienced person who will make your company look like garbage to your clients.


Many Title/Escrow Companies [T/Ecs], lenders, & signing services are intimately familiar with this . . .

On the other hand, unfortunately some are just chasing the dollar to the bottom of the barrel while clearly demonstrating a lack of professionalism.


To All Notary Cafe Members: As a professional signing agent [PSA] it’s paramount to your long-term business success (especially while weathering the current tumultuous times) to remain professional throughout, ensure that your Schedule of Fees will cover your out-of-pocket expenses & simultaneously bring in revenue.



You ladies said what we all think.


This email is hostile, braindead, and psychopathic, at best. Wow!

AHAHAHAHAA! In your dreams.

So the middle man is calling the shots now, huh?

“They” ? Lies. They’re blame shifting. Idk, maybe try paying NSAs an actual wage for their honest work, expertise, and time. Gee, there’s an idea, huh? Better pay = better quality?? Omg!

Is that a threat or a promise? Yikes! Once again, the mysterious “they” are going to hurt us poor little notaries and you, our shining signing service white knight, are trying to save us from our wretched fate! Oh, thank you sweet signing service! Thank you! :sob:

Why does this have the same energy as “this is going to hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you” from a parent with belt in hand? What a freak!

Love being screamed at in all caps by my businesss parter, like a child getting chastised for wetting the bed. Unhinged.

@judikidd This email is gold. Thanks for sharing.


One careless mistake can be disastrous!

How is it possible to make a notarization error if you take possession of all the signed documents?You have ample time to proofread your work before shipping it.

Pretty ironic that SSofA doesn’t require scanning but I get it. They are hoping that if they make the penalty high enough they won’t need an employee to review all those scans.

The “careless notaries,”would be a great name for a band.

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Good to know I will not be taking orders from them. Those labels are $80 a pop.

They needed to hear that. They get what they paid for.

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Hi All,
Yes I received that email too. I have mixed feelings about it but first let me say I Love SSA and have built a rapport with them I think as sometimes I’ll get a call or email directly asking if I can accommodate. I’ve never had a error thus far but I truly cannot say the importance of a final check, page to page, despite how well you know the documents. I ask every closing, whether it’s 190 pages or 25… to give me 5 mins to look over each page… I’m not at all meaning perfection but it has really saved a few overlooks, especially if the Title Co is new (to each their own) we all know it can be different… Yet everyone is human, a error once in a long while” shouldn’t be charged… The part that concerns me is “if their client and you agree to not be charged, let the lender tell us”?? I thought we don’t contact “their” client (lender)… Or I thought does their clients contact the NSA when there is an error? I don’t know I’ve been fortunate to not have one…

If you don’t mind me asking, what is their typical fee for refi/purchase/seller packets?

I didn’t realize they were still around. Stop doing closings for them, when i had to inquire about an payment. And if I received this email, that would really be a No. I have a 99% accuracy rate. I review docs before i drop them, suprised they do require scans before delivery. The tone of that email, would make me stop working for them.

The signing services are going to do what they’re going to do. If you value them as a client these things will rarely be an issue for you. Yes, everyone makes errors from time to time. Sometimes we have to rush to our next appointment and don’t have time to properly review the documents. It happens. The key objective here is to receive a high enough fee that you will make that extra effort to insure that the documents are correct before shipping them. The problem is that signing services are taking advantage of the slowdown and, if anything, LOWERING fees. Even so, jobs are being snapped up by desperate notaries the instant they’re blasted out.


Perfect response! Could not have said anything better.

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Their dreaming, will not wait for the title co. or LO to convince the customer to sign loan docs, this should of already been worked out with the customer before you showed up.

I don’t sign for this company anyways. Now paying the shipping, we don’t like, but if it’s your error. You need to pay it. Lucky most don’t.

you should call the company speak to a manager and tell them that. Maybe they will listen

They (agencies/title companies) get what they pay for! Goody!
False advertising to lure money-interest only NNAs with lots of work is used to lower fees. I dare say I don’t make errors, follow guidelines to the “T” in every respect BUT I know what I’m worth and only accept jobs that respect me on their payroll!

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I never received perhaps because I don’t fall into the category of needing the notice!?!

It doesn’t matter what you’re paid. Errors are never okay.

Are they willing to pay my minimum standard fee of $125/hour while the Borrower, Lender, Title, and SSA work out the problem?

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