Georgia Signing Agents

Are there some Georgia Signing Agents here who can advise on the process?

I know Georgia is an attorney only state, so I am curious as to what types of assignments to Signing Agents in Georgia notarize and how do you receive them?

I was told you have to be signed up with an attorney - please advise.

I think this article may “steer” you in the right direction. I was a notary in GA back in 2013-2016. Common practice was that an attorney did not have to be present at the transaction, and that the Signing Agent merely just had to be “supervised” by the attorney (on the phone/video) during the transaction. Some attorneys felt this satisfied the “attorney only” requirement however, the law states otherwise. Not sure if anything changed since as I am in KY now, but hope this helps.

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If a signing is for a property located in the State of Georgia, the settlement agent must be a Georgia attorney in order for a Georgia notary to notarize. If the settlement agent is a Georgia attorney closing on a Georgia property, then a Georgia notary can notarize under the supervision of the attorney. It would be consider direct supervision if the attorney is the settlement agent.

Georgia notaries can notarize for out of state properties if the signer is in GA. Some will disagree, but it’s all a matter of interpretation.

Note that in the GA Senate Bill 365, it states that the ONE attorney must handle all aspects of the closings in Georgia. I think beforehand that other attorney signing agents were inserting themselves in the process and doing the signings as witness only.

I’m not an attorney so don’t hold me to it but this is my understanding and this opinion has been shared with me by other attorneys. You can ask a 100 people and get 100 different answers. Even attorneys will give different answers because they want to make the $$$. I hope this helps and has not confused you even more. Keep researching and do what you feel comfortable doing. -:slight_smile:


In Georgia, Loan Signing Agents can get direct assignments from the attorney overseeing that loan.
That lawyer must be on the phone, but depending on that attorney (who’s already explained everything to the signer long before an LSA is involved), they’ll do it one of 3 ways:

  1. That attorney remains on the phone for the entire signing.
  2. That attorney explains GA conveyance issues; hops off and says, “Call back if signer has questions.”
  3. Finally, some attorneys answer the LSA’s call from the table, “Call if you need me.”

FACT: Georgia Real Estate Attorneys/Escrow officers don’t assign LSAs unless/until its been overseen by an attorney. Of course, they all have in-house notaries, or the lawyer is also a notary.

Just means you have to find the ‘pain points,’ address those issues; and make them want to have you in their contact list.


Pretty much I am going to say the same thing. I am locate in Dallas, Ga. Georgia notaries can notarize for out of state properties if the signer is in Georgia. I just got done with seller package today, which the land was in California by myself. But if it in Georgia the attorney handle the closing, I work with a couple attorneys. I notarize and the attorney go over the document with the signer over the phone. I am public notary in Georgia, I am not Signing Agents. So rockinghamnp you can try to connect with a real estate attorney.


Any tips for a new agent in Dallas as well?

I believe you are correct. If the property is not in the state of Georgia, then the Notary can do their thing without an attorney being present, as the deed/title is not being recorded in the state of Georgia.

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