Get Repeat Business

The best way I have found to get repeat business.

  • Communicate - email signing service or title agency to confirm appointment - call signers ASAP to confirm appt. - Confirm documents printed - confirm the signing was finished and the documents were sent - send scan backs - verify with Title Agency or Signing Service to make sure the loan went through.

What is the best way you get repeat business?

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Just curious. When do you inquire whether the loan went through, and what exactly do you ask? If it’s a signing service, who would you address about that?

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:iphone: It is a great reason to call the signing service or title company, I would suggest whoever hired you or who you communicated with the most during your closing. Sometimes the signing service will tell you to direct your questions to the title agency and sometimes they want to play the middle man. When you ask if the loan went through it shows you care about the loan and their business. Most of the time people will be happy to talk to you and confirm everything went through. They will then be happy to talk to you about future business and being a primary agent.