Getting direct escrow/title co's to give you signings

I have gotten onboard with 4 escrow/title companies for direct business which is great although what is the trick to get them to actually start giving you signings? I have stayed on their radar by stopping by, saying hello and bringing them goodies but still crickets. Any suggestions? Thank you!


Hmmm… well, contrary to the often-repeated idea that anyone can get ‘direct’ work from local TCs, in most areas of the country this does NOT work as they have more’n enough employees to do the work. Are you sure they aren’t just enjoying the goodies?


Haha they just might be although I’m going to keep on their radar to make that relationship so they will give me a chance eventually. Everything I’ve learned so far is to continue to stop in so they will keep you top of mind if their go-to mobile notaries aren’t available or they might have that last minute signing that may pop up at the right time. By continuing to build that relationship hopefully one will give me a chance.

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Keep at it! You have to remember that they probably already have their go-to notaries and you’re not first on their list. If you can do weekend, early morning, late night signings, let them know. Their main notaries might not be able to offer that. Good luck!


Concur with Arichter. Her direct experiences mirror mine.

Nearly everyone in the Title/Escrow Company [T/EC] office is a notary. Plus, they have closing agents whose actual job is to perform these signings.

As a result, of course, the T/ECs would have the perspective of certified notary signing agents [CNSAs] as “the competition.”

Fees paid for an external CNSA would directly reduce the T/EC profit margin.

As a sweeping generalization based on input from MOST states across the US (on notary forums over the years), the T/ECs aren’t interested in assisting you to build your business; however, as Arichter indicates, if T/ECs are swamped at the End-of-the-Month [EOM] rush and need an additional CNSA to facilitate document execution to meet corporate deadlines, then our services would be sought after. Note that this would be a rare instance . . .

Personally, this scenario has presented itself on occasion through the years, for which I’ve been graciously grateful, but the frequency is entirely unpredictable.

I do understand that some CNSAs are in states that this is not the case; however, that scenario is not the norm.


I’ve had the opportunity to chat with two Title Agents in my area. They both explained that there’s a saturation of Notaries in this market (San Antonio-Austin). They are constantly bombarded with NSA cold calling and dropping off goodies and swag, that ends up in the trash.

I handle closings for about 3 title companies, however the work in sporadic. If the signer insists on a remote notary or if I need to pinch hit for a closer that out of the office, I’ll get the call.


Thank you all for your insight this is great information. I am in Washington state, about 30mins North of Seattle near multiple towns and cities even though I’m more out in the country. It seems around my area we aren’t too over saturated but just enough where the work isn’t consistent. Working on building that constant flow. All of my direct business has come from out of state so far and I’ve gotten one offer here. I’m very thankful of the opportunities I’ve had so far but am determined to make great enough relationships here that I get closer to the top of their lists :wink::blush:


In my area, the local title companies do not do remote signings and only use employees to supervise the loan signings. I was doing some packages for one of the local title companies and they dropped me because the underwriter wouldn’t include me under the corporate E and O policy. They wanted me to get an individual E and O policy. I wasn’t doing enough to justify the expense. I don’t know if this is relative to your area.

No thanks………………….…….


@VIPnotaryCO So true!


I was in the Title and Escrow business for over 30 years. cNsa5 pretty much nailed it. Our business was closing loans, sales, etc. It is all about the bottom line. If they hire an outside Notary that expense comes directly out of their profit. The Realtors and loan officers would notice an extra charge for hiring a Notary and the title company would not want to risk losing them as a customer over hiring a Notary. (The Realtors and loan officers are the title company’s customer. That is who sends them business.) Your best plan of action is to get on the list of signing companies. It is the companies who do internet business that can charge a fee to pay the Notary or most likely just build it into their business model.

Good luck to you!

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I am in Washington too :-). Where are you located? Everett? I am in Bellingham :kissing_heart:

Hello there neighbor friend of the North! I’m a bit South of you down here in Snohomish. :blush: Hows business up there? Love Bellingham such a great town!

Buy them treats are you kidding me? Notary business is to simple to many notaries it is a business that requires no skill so your best bet is to find a niche and get a name in that. title companies dont need you until they do and only then can you get a chance it is sad how many notaries think that having an NNA cert means they are valuable it an over-saturated field everyone can be a notary

I have done direct work with a few local title and mortgage companies. ALL were through the client asking specifically for me. Word of mouth goes a long way. I am known for being “friendly, organized, punctual, and thorough”. I just got a well paying job this week because I had done a previous closing through a SS and he wanted me. They already paid me too which was awesome. It took me a few years to get to this point though. I have heard it said this is a marathon not a sprint and that is very true.


I disagree totally! Being a Broker and viewing 100’s of CD’s. The TC’s list notary charges which is really their charges folded in. The Realtors & Loan officers are NOT paying those fees …the client is. Being at the closing I’m concerned about MY commission/ processing fee.
Is it correct? Due to the virus many closings are not in the TC’s office, therefore they hire outside help. In house notaries have many things in their responsibilities that preclude out of office closings 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. loss time! My 2cents.

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Think the biggest point being made by all is IT VARIES BY AREA. I’d guess that the areas where NSAs are used are large metro; whereas small towns most likely keep 'em in house.


Contrary to what some say here keep marketing. If all these title company’s were doing their signings in house than why are their over 300 signing services? Yes some have their preferred but they still need backup as their preferred can only be at 1 place at a time. Even if your 10th on the list not all NSA’S will be available all the time. When you do get that call make sure you impress.


Read my comment again. I never said the Realtor or loan officer paid the charges. I said they would notice if a fee was charged for a Notary. Being a Broker you know the fee is on the CD and paid by the Seller or Borrower, not the Realtor or loan officer. I was in the title business for over 30 years and have seen thousands of CDs and settlement statements (before there was a CD). As the manager of a title company I was very aware most of the Realtors wanted the best for their client and would not like them paying a charge for an outside Notary when the title company has Notaries/closers on staff. Your point about a title company who can’t or won’t conduct closings in their office because of fear of COVID-19 is a good one. The companies I know continue to conduct the closing. If a client is fearful they do it outside. Usually in front of the building.

Perhaps, back in the day Realtors, loan agents felt that way. I don’t see that in todays economy.