Getting Fidelity Approved

So I submitted and application to get Fidelity approved and it was declined. I was told to apply again next year. When I do I want to be sure I put
my best foot forward. Any suggestions?

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Did you ask whoever submitted the application what the reason might be? They might have ideas about what kinds of things cause a denial. Signing companies rank their notaries. It could be a ranking somewhere. I’m sure there are other reasons besides that but have no idea what those would be.

email me, and I will submit your application, we add signing agents every day

Lisa Bittner

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Hi Lisa,
I am Fidelity approved thru you company C2C, does that mean I am authorized to work with other vendors too, or only with C2C?

I am Fidelity Approved, and as far as I know, you need to have a sponsor from Fidelity Title and carry $100,000 E & O insurance.

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This is correct, you need to have a sponsor, or you need to carry your own $100k E&O, then reapply with them.

The question is, do you want to sign for Fidelity directly, and keep all the money or work for a signing company and make less.

How and where did you apply if you don’t mind sharing with me.

You are approved by our company, and we sponsored you, but other companies can use you as you will show up on the list of Fidelity Approved signing agents

Fidelity wants all approved signing agents to be approved through a sponsor for 2 years, and then you will be a stand alone approved signing agents.
Then you can work directly for any Fidelity Co.


to be sponsored you don’t need to carry that much, but to be a stand alone you will. C2C has to carry 5 million E&O. Once you are sponsored for 2 years they will ask you for all the insurance amounts.

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if you want to apply for Fidelity, you need to get an escrow agents name and ask if she will sponser you.
if you have been approved for 2 years by a signing co, you can certainly do that… then as William (anaheim_notary) says you can make more money working directly for the escrow.
if you have not yet been approved 2 years you need a signing company to sponsor you

Lisa Bittner


Good Morning,

I believe I am Fidelity approved signing agent. I do carry my own $500,000 E&O insurance. Is there something I need to do to help me receive more signings?

I was sponsored and certified through Fidelity, increased my E&O, was highly ranked and referred and NEVER received ANY signings directly from Fidelity for 2 years. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted to see this “trend” still happening.

Signed- Moving On To A Real Career


This is not true. I don’t want to say there is a scam going on with all of this “approved, sponsored, certified, insured and signing companies making all the money” but there is a scam going on!!!


Contact Fidelity Corporate directly for certification. Do Not go through a signing company, just my suggestion. There are “things” going on behind closed doors, be aware.


How are you doing this for people/notaries you don’t know and have never worked with? What is the motivation for you to get people approved? Please explain the benefit to those people you are offering to get approved and why it has to be you to do it and not the notary themselves???

Thanks for the info Lisa1

Closed many times with Fidelity. The fidelity title company that I work with states that someday she will get around to getting me approved but is always too busy. Any way around that? Any advise would be wonderful! Thanks

I am not sure I understand your question. I do not mind helping people get approved. I can view the files and notes that other snapdocs clients add. If someone has a good record I can help.
Motivation to me is two fold

  1. I need fidelity approved signing agents Nationwide
  2. why not, if they have a good record why not? I don’t mind helping
    Benefits to the signing agent, if you are approved you get more jobs, Fidelity is the largest title company in the country.
    Signing agents cant always get approved with out a sponsor.
    Signing companies cant without a sponsor either

email me direct