GOING OUT-OF-BUSINESS: What happened to Negrete's?

What has happened to Negrete’s? I used to think they were pretty good. Now I can’t get paid.
To top it off, they did not pay me in full for a signing that was cancelled while we were at the table. It had nothing to do with us - it had to do with the hurricane they were having in FL on October 4. Because it was cancelled they were only paying my trip and print fee. Now I can’t even get that. Was it sold or taken over by someone else? It appears that they’re now in FL. They used to be in Ohio.

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Got an e-mail about a month ago saying they were going oob. He did state that everyone will be paid, so stay on it.

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Really. I’ve done a bunch of signings for them but never got that email. Thanks for letting me know.


I never received email about them going out of business. I just got an assignment from them. I have worked for them before they were always slow to pay but did pay. Is it true they are going out of business.

New owner. Tony retired and sold his business to a guy, and I can’t remember his name. I accepted an assignment from him in September and got paid. I’ve seen a few more requests from Negrete’s Notaries through SigningOrder.com, but the offer was too low (for me, anyway). I hope he pays everyone. Happy Holidays from Houston, everyone!

Hi Kelley. I’m in VA but my son is in Houston - Shepherd School of Music at Rice U. I went there last week for the first time.
OK, that makes sense. There was a new guy who didn’t identify himself, and he acted kind of mysterious for some reason. Too bad for us Tony retired. He was nice to talk to. I did an assignment for them in October, and it was cancelled mid-signing. (I wrote about it above.) He refused to pay my full fee. I’m wondering if that was Tony or the new guy. He was very short with me via email and it surprised me. I’ve only been doing this for two years, but I thought he had the best customer service of all of them.

Wow, you’re son must be very talented to be attending there. Good for him!

Yeh… Tony was one of the few really nice, reasonable services to work for; I worked for him for many years. I pray he enjoys retirement. The new guy was nice to me, and actually called me for the assignment. I asked him, “Did Tony finally retire?” He said, “Yes, I bought the business from him.” He didn’t seem all that knowledgeable about the business, but I could be wrong. The real estate/loan signing business is sooooo slow now, maybe he’s stressed about not having enough business. There are other kinds of notary work - medical records affidavits, estate planning, general notary work, etc. Yada, yada, yada… Best of luck to you! Nice “chatting”!

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Order completed Nov. 14 2022. Check dated Dec. 16 2022 received by deluxe e check on Dec. 16 2022, Paid in full.