GPS Tracking by Solidifi

Solidifi Title contacted me, and said I need to update their app, so they can track my location when I’m driving to a job, and they also will be sharing my location with customers. I am opposed to this, and consider it to be a breach of my privacy. They said I can no longer work for them unless I comply. I deleted their app. I work for 27 different companies, and have never been asked to share my location. I’m just wondering what other notaries think about this.

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Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Grubhub all use the same technology so you can track your order and the driver can find you. I recommend not accepting if you are uncomfortable. Hope this helps! It is a customer service enhancement feature.

They think they own you. Ugh. No thanks. This whole business is getting out of control IMO. Someone mentioned these two words, “new plantation” and “slavelandia” on here yesterday. This is almost like being shackled.

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LOL…love it! I guess we are gradually becoming victims to technology! If only I could track my payments!


Kinda silly ‘too over-the-top micromanaging. Makes me wonder, tho’…do they pay someone to watch the GPS tracker for every signing. What is the purpose of being able to track a notary? Seems they ought to have better things to do with their time…like get the docs out timely or have a website that works properly.


They don’t have to pay someone to sit a monitor the GPS tracking. They just set themselves up for alerts on certain events, which requires input on the notaries part (the driver). Going back to my Uber, Doordash, etc. example, yes, you can stare at the phone if you want to see where your driver is, but you will get certain alerts via email and/or text message/push notification, telling you when the driver accepted your request, who your driver is, when they get to the location, when they are waiting on your order, when they picked up your order, when they are on their way to you, when they are 5 minutes away, the list goes on depending on the service and available alert options. To me, more harm than good in our industry. Just more for us to do and keep up on. We already deal with some of this through some of our clients platforms, they are just not tracking your driving, but they will require you to check in through the app when you received documents, when the signing is complete, and when the documents are dropped. What I don’t get is why now? Especially when the “push” is to get away from visiting the borrower anyway (RON).

ummmm… seems like “Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.”