Have fees changed since moving to SD?

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Has their fees gone down since they joined SnapDump?

I don’t think so. I get hardly any work from them, but last two (6 & 12 in 2018) were after they went SD and my (well over $100) fees were met quickly…and then increased due to unforeseen circumstances. So far, so good! Not all companies on SD are bad. The biggest fault with SD is that it allows a co. to contact MANY and the notaries who jump on the low fees offered!

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Disagree. One of the biggest faults of SnapDump is providing their clients corrupt algorithms resulting in those low ball fees we see blasted. Only a handful of companies will negotiate fee increases. Another is not holding those scum bag companies to be held accountable for non payments. But all of this is not new and not the subject at hand.

I really do think that SD experience depends a lot on the notary-saturation of a given area. Don’t get me wrong–I think SD is the worst thing that has happened to this field since the annual XYZ/BGC bs. I find that some will negotiate; others just screw around sending out new ‘offers’ with a $5 increase…endlessly…until they find someone.

One bad thing is that we really don’t know how their algorithms actually work or, as you said, even IF they work!
And, of course, their ability to ‘rate’ a notary–which can be abused by a company and the notary has no idea why their business has suddenly dropped off. I truly believe that any rating system is subjective…and this one appears to be no different. A really good co. wouldn’t give a low rating to a notary who was following their state law, whereas, a bad co. might as it cost them a signing. I have suggested that these ‘ratings’ be kept ‘private to co. doing the rating’ because of this bias. Doubt they’ll care.

As I see it, SD is good for hiring parties–who pay for it. And not good for notaries for all the reasons we complain about. Honestly, I’m seeing more ‘take it or leave it’ low offers from the plethora of ‘private/this co. only’ platforms that have sprung up from former SD-user companies. Agree that when a co. shows consistent payment issues, SD ought to show some interest in resolving these issues or they run the danger of having their own reputation go down the drain and possibly even–in the minds of notaries everywhere–be viewed as the ‘dumping ground for awful companies’.

Back to original subject: I’m not finding lowball offers from subject co. as recently as last month.

I actually do know how SD algorithms work :wink: These work in favor of their client in that it shows what the lowest fee an NSA has accepted in any area a notary closer is needed.

I would also caution registered NSAs to be careful as SD has been hacked and I was advised that Fidelity no longer allows for their loans to be uploaded or downloaded to the platform. Might be signs of the beginning of the end, at least I would hope for SD.

I used to think like that, saturation was the root cause, and its not. Its the NSAs and their willingness to work for beer money (side hustle) or to actually make a profit and running a real business.

XMTS when I used to work for them were offering $90 for refi’s and these were w/in 5 miles from me. I haven’t worked for them in a couple of years since they moved to SD. I wonder if they’re fees are lower than this?

BEWARE OF SD! It also allows the hiring company to “rate” you. It does not share this info with you, but does share with other hiring companies that belong to SD. You will never know what was said about you and, in the case of a discrepancy, you will be at fault. If you have contact with a person who is having a bad day, or just doesn’t like you, they can place a very bad rating on your profile and you will not get calls. I completely removed my profile from SD because this happened to me, they will not disclose the comments. As long as your profile is up on their website, companies that cooperate with them, can still post crap about you if they so wish.

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