Health Insurance?

What’s everyone doing to take care of their health? I’m looking to get health insurance, hopefully with dental and some kind of therapist visits included because America has rocked my mental health to its core lol. If I was still in California, it would be easy, but I’m in TN. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

Marry someone with good health insurance! Just kiddding, sort of.
On Friday, Notary Stars is doing a session on health insurance in their live training. I have no idea what they’re covering. You can email them and see what they’re covering.


Currrently I use the Healthcare Marketplace. Will be transitioning to Medicare in March! I’ve been with the Marketplace for 5 years and have been very happy with it. It may or may not work for you depending on what your income is, but it’s worth a try. :wink:

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Do you mean Obamacare?

Yes. From what I’ve been hearing, Biden has worked out some changes to hopefully lower the deductibles and the monthly premiums. :wink:

Yea ! It’s upside down …Good is bad… Bad is good ! How quickly things have changed.